Thought it would be good to share what guitars we own and play here. Makes, models, strings and anything else that you want to share!

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Alvarez made from Koa wood ... really beautiful wood grain, and nice chrome hardware ... thin body Acoustic/Electric with on-board parametric EQ and notch filter.
I have 3, My primary guitar for leading in service is an Alvarez Yari DY67 (Normally strung with Marquees (lights) as it, unlike me hates Elixer Nano's) For leading small groups I use my Taylor Big Baby laced with Elixers : ), and my third is a bit of a novelty, a Fender Avalon passed down to me by my mother.
I recently picked up a Taylor 414 ce ltd. Very balanced sound with the expression system pickups. Feels great too!
I'm using an Ibanez Art Wood AWS1000ece-nt. Really nice guitar and reasonably priced: MSRP = about $1150, but you can find for $800.
I, for year, have played a Takamine EG523SC. What a gorgeous kidding. The electronics recently died and I haven't have the cash to fix it so my old faithful Fender with a Dean Markey installed p/u is filling in. I use a Korg AX3A modeling processor with the Fender because it needs all the help it can get. So far, so good but every Sunday I say a little prayer that a small pile of cash will arrive so I can fix the Tak.

I had one of these and donated it to Swaziland for the work of the Lord.I Play two Alvarez guitars now the one i paid 770.00 for guitar and case i played it up against the Taylors.Gibsons,Martins to get the same sound i would have to pay1800.00 to 2000.00$.It has a Cedar Top and Rosewood sides and back and isn't made any more.

I play a custom Martin HD-28. A bunch of small boutique shops in NorCal got with Martin and had them make a special model exclusively for them. It is really fashioned after the HD-28 Marquis. It has an adirondack spruce top with rosewood back and sides, scalloped X bracing and pre-war tuners. It is pretty sweet. I put a B-band pick up system in it and it sounds nice amplified. I was not going to buy another Martin but when I played this one, I could not pass it up...
I just upgraded to a new guitar, a McPherson 5.0XP with a Port Orford Cedar Top and Flamed Black Acacia Back and Sides. The guitar comes with a L.R. Baggs RTS II Pickup.
The first guitar I bought and learned a valuable lesson from was a Crescent which actually turned out to be a classical (the lesson only cost me $30 thanfully). In addition to managing to be able to still look at that guitar, I also have a Jasmine (by Takamine) S34C NEX Cutaway, a black Ovation Celebrity CC44 and an Alvarez Dreadnought RD20U. For all my guitars I use Light D'Addario Phosphor Bronze Strings. The Crescent get's attention every now and then. For either of the full acoustics, I have a Fishman Rare Earth pickup (sorry no adjustable volume on the system). I did a sound check with my Alvarez for the sake of seeing how it would work with the system. I got no negative feedback to the fact that my dreadnought has no cutaway or that it's too powerful so basically at church it's just a matter of choice which all acoustic I want to use. I'll still take the Ovation with me too!
One moderate change to all that. That matter of choice on which guitar now also includes another choice in the form of a new Epiphone AJ-100. It sounds good!

Hey everyone here's an update: last year I got a Fender CD-110 which was pre-owned and cost less than the CD-60s (all new) and sounds just as great. Now I have three out of four guitars that are sound system ready. I changed all my strings to Elixr Nanowebs and I change those babies a whole lot less frequently than the other strings I played on.


Now here's where it gets interesting: today I saw an Epiphone EJ-200 VS in the local guitar shop today...UGGGGGH!!!

I play an Alvarez AD60CK through a Fender Acoustasonic SFX II.


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