Thought it would be good to share what guitars we own and play here. Makes, models, strings and anything else that you want to share!

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My everyday guitar is a Gretsch Rancher Junior. Its light and has a lower profile than a full size dreadnaught, It's black and has all bronze hardware. But I've about played the frets smooth, so I'll soon need to see about getting it re-fretted. But my Baby is a 1957 Epiphone Texan with a mahogany body. The finish has some serious checking and some of the trim work is rough, but its the best sound I've ever heard! It'll play without amplification to a large room full of people. But I did have a Barcus-Berry Insider installed. Its a passive, piezo pickup so its best used with a body pack so it has a pre-amp. Still sounds awesome.Truthfully, its held up better than my Gretsch, and its only a few years old!

parker p9en

I play a Taylor 614ce, love it and big blessing from the Lord.

Taylors are great and I would have one except that I just can't play full body acoustics. But I'm still loving both of my Carvin's, AC275 and AC375, excellent guitars and awesome tones plugged in!!

I Play a Alvarez PD85SCAV Rosewood sides and back Cedar top or a Alvarez ADCK60 Figured DAO top sides and back. Both have the 600 series Preamp/Tuner AJ

Hey everyone, here is an update on all my equipment. I donated the Jasmine mini-jumbo to a church and sold the Ovation to my brother's step-son at the time. I still have the Alvarez (which is now a D to D guitar) and the Fender and Epiphone...well now I have two Epiphones. A few months ago, I made the wise decision not to kick myself in the butt and get a 125th Anniversary Epiphone Advanced Jumbo 12-string for $150 and it was well worth the investment. Now to work toward getting a baritone!

I haven't been around in a while but I changed directions in the way I do worship and sticking to acoustic and sold off everything and got a Taylor 314CE and got some gold Gohtoh 510 delta series locking tuners, love this guitar! Got to pay off some bills with the rest from what I sold and gave my 2 electric guitars to my 2 sons!

I have moved on to
1 Godin Acoustacaster natural with maple neck (sold two other guitars to help pay for it) The worship team tell me it is the right thing for what I do!
2 Fender Malibu (ply top but I keep getting ask about the great sound)

Well, it'seems time I update. I sold all my electric gear and my thinline acoustics because the Lord is leading us in a new direction that I will need a full size acoustic that can be plugged in also. So, I have a new Taylor 314CE and a year old donated to me Martin X Series Custom. I guess just the second part is new, I forget what forums I posted on and see I already did on the Taylor, lol!

I also added gold tuners and abalone inlayed bridge pins on the Martin and high gloss tung oiled the top and back of the neck, I just don't like flat or satin finishes much.

My main guitar is a Saga Instruments Durango that I just recently had Fishman classic 4 electronics installed; running Martin Retro strings on that one. 

Number 2 guitar is a Martin X-series (also has Fishman 4) and that one gets Elixer 80/20s to brighten up the really low tones. 

I also play a Fender Gemini 2, that one is set up for drop tuning and it also gets Elixer 80/20, (for now lol) And for electronics on that one I either mic or use the Dean Markley soundhole pickup. 

All run through my pedal board where they get EQ, compression, and a light amount of chorus and echo. (and just to be all artsy and eclectic, I built the pedal board out of an old warehouse pallet lol) 

I play electric acoustic currently a takamine yet started a few years ago with Yamaha G acoustic all play well, I keep them in good order , steel strings best quality for clean sound. I love the songs which inspire salvation praise of the Risen lord Jesus Christ ..some of the new songs are okay not the songs I love , Totally love the word based songs like Ester Muis compositions and an obscure singer by the name of Janny Grein. love to be a part of this group and join or share in any events or group plans kind regards Michael , Australia 


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