I've recently noticed that all my picks are a bit rounded and don't sound as good as they used to. How often should I replace my pick? Not sure the best way to measure this...is it by hours or weeks or months?

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Whenever I loose them! Though I got a nifty thing called the pick-pocket from a music store almost ten years ago. It's a little leather pouch that has a snap closure and a key ring. Since I've gotten that I only replace them when they break. That was back when I used Fender Thins (which broke every Sunday), now I use Dunlop Tor-tex picks which last for-ev-ver!

Plectrum sounds like something the dentist uses to inflict pain.

"Do you have a problem with your gums? They're bleeding a lot."
"They weren't until you started poking around in there. I think YOU did that!"

Or maybe a symptom of the flu. Why yes my plectrum IS green!
Have had my plectrum for the last five years, still going strong. I have a piece of velcro on it and stick it to my guitar strap near the neck, that way I don't lose it. I'm quite attached to my orange plectrum - I really must get out more. God Bless.
lol i like the velcro idea i must try it.

Yep, give it a go, it beats wedging it between guitar strings. Also, it's dead nifty if you want to swap from plectrum playing to finger playing between songs AND it helps stop the plectrum slipping your of your hand if you're perspiring like mad.


Please make the most of this advice, 'cos it's about as technical as it gets for me I'm afraid. :)


ps. got a new plectrum now, a grey one!

Neither have I.
I used to change pretty regularly like once a month but on day i switched to dunlop tortex for like 10 cents more they are 35 cents each, but they last forever. also for more of a point that lasts i get the jazz tip ones.
When it gets cracked, which happens rarely since I use Ultex picks.
But the real question is - does anyone use Gorilla Snot on their picks to improve grip? It was originally sold to drummers but found further use in the guitar world. I love the stuff.

I have to say, I'm a fiend about keeping up with my picks. It must be the OCD in me, but I never replace picks unless they "wear out". I have worn out some thinner Ultem picks - they tend to crack over time. But now that I've sort of transitioned to thicker picks - .8mm and above, I haven't worn any out. 

When "should" you replace them? It all depends on what you demand out of them. If you're strumming or playing lead for praise team, I really can't imagine the gauge or shape of the pick would matter too much. But I've started playing some faster bluegrass stuff and the pick makes all the difference in speed and tone. So I can imagine I'll be more conscious of when to replace a pick. 

And funny thing about all this - I've tried some semi-expensive picks like Wegens and some of the Dunlop jazz picks and I still go back to the Star Picks from Everly. $4 per dozen or something like that.


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