I need a new acoustic that is inexpensive, but has decent tone.

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Samick!!!! I have a Greg Bennett D5 CE which is a standard dreadnought with a solid spruce top. It cost me $330 brand new, and it is absolutely incredible for the price!!!!! I finally got around to trying out a Taylor in shop a little while ago, and it wasn't really a huge difference to me. Sounds and plays beautifully, and it looks gorgeous! Go with Samick, hands down. I did a LOT of researching before I made my purchase too.
Go to pizzecciguitars.com For between 550 and 700 bucks, depending on wood choice, pre-amp etc. you can get a custom hand made all solid wood guitar that sounds great. This guy is a Methodist pastor in Va. that does this as a "hobby". I bought one from him a while back and love it. You can hear it here:



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