Does anyone else mess around with alternate tunings? I'm a huge fan of DADGAD. I also like to use my Kayser (sp?) capo in unconventional ways. If somebody has something else cool I'd love to try it. Blessings, Nick

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That is my favorite alternate tuning also. Big bass sound.
Make that G an F#, and you've got yourself open D - a favorite slide tuning of mine.
The thing I like to do with my Kayser capo is turn it around backwards and set it on the second fret. You can use the rubber brace that normally secures to the back of the neck to capo only the A D and G strings. I call it E gad as it uses a lot of similar chord shapes (though not all) as DADGAD but keeps you in the key of E. What can I say, I'm a tenor. I don't like singing lower than I have to. ;)
There is actually a specially made 'cut capo'. I have one, and it was really popular a few years back with worship guys. Makes it easy to play chords with 1 finger. Don't really use it that much anymore...

Billy Foote, (I believe he wrote Amazing Love/You Are My King) endorses them.
When we play "Center", I'll usually turn my Kyser capo around and bare the first five strings at the second fret and leave the low E open. I'm playing in D, but it's actually the key of E. It's actually dropped d tuning 2 frets up. I love open G tuning(banjo tuning). David Crowder uses a few different tunings. "O for a thousand tounges to sing" he uses something like EBEEAE? It's on YOUTUBE if you want to see it.
yeah, I like drop E tuning too. :) There have been a couple times when I've wanted to get that sound but in F# (what can I say... I'm a tenor). So I capo 2 and the do the 5 string bar on fourth fret with a second capo.
we just rapped up six month on the road and I had the honor of meeting Mr. Kyser and getting some of the new capos that are coming out. go check out the web site.
you will dig some of the new capos that they have.....some of them you will look at them and say what in the world??????? Trust me if you tune as strangely as I do, you will really dig the new ones...

but over all if you get some, you will not be disappointed.... I use some off the hook tunings that are very unconventional and the new kysers are great.
They also carry a great line of strings that are just as good as the rest of the market and much cheaper.... check them out....

for those of you who do not know, Milton is borne again Spirit filled and totally loves the LORD and give him all the Glory for the kyser business as well as his very life.


Kirk Martin
One of the coolest alternative tunings I have used is EAEEBE. This is used by David Crowder in his arrangement of O For a Thousand Tongues to Sing. It creates a really cool sound. The link below is the New Song Cafe feature on YouTube of Crowder teaching the song.
Hey Nick.

I am usually in standard tuning, but sometimes when in the key of D will drop the low E to a D and keep going. There are a few places where I do this live as a song transition.

My two favorites are DADF#AD and CGCGCE. Also, I love my Kyser Short Cut.
I use an odd tuning for one song I wrote, "He Is Our Peace" - I call it Drop B: Tune low E down to a B (yes, a B - not all guitars will tolerate this) and the A up to a B (which, I realize, is antithetical to the name of the tuning...).

At any rate, If I'm using this song in a set, I'm generally able to segue to a few other tunes with ease, like "Blessed Be your Name" (Redmann), "With You" (R Morgan) - stuff in B, E, or F#
Cut my finger the other day so am practicing slide only for a few weeks. Trying out lots of alternate tunings. Kinda fun, but hard to compose while sliding ;) I'm using a Sigma with high action and it seems to have a good sound. Haven't played that guitar in years. Funny how I get in a single guitar rut. Was just forced to my Washburn when the electronics on my Fender cut out. Liking the Washburn. Wish I could play it today :(


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