I have a ton of effects when I lead with acoustic guitar. I think I really wanted to be a guitarist. Anywhy here is what I use for worship and it sounds great. Alvarez-yairi to ds1 distiotion (set very low and only for single line intros or breaks) through ch1 chorus always on through echotank delay 280 ms most of the time. this goes into a digitech rp250 multieffects pedal which has reverb, a compressor, another delay, a noise gate and modeller set on 59 blackface clean. Then this goes into a tube preamp cranked up which gives a real tube feel and into a di or sometimes into a fender frontman25 miked the sound is so similar either is good. the only reason i sometime use the amp is so i can use it for a monitor.


All that said I always practice and lean new songs first without all that.


Does anyone else do anything simmilar?

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I use a Dan Electro stereo chorus, and that sparingly.  I am addicted to the stripped down sound of old.  One secular singer/songwriter suits my style perfectly - Townes Van Zant.  Difference is I love to stack vocals.  So much of what is out there is like a wall of sound it gets hard to feel the worship amidst all that sturm and drang.


Just my opinion tho...

I used to love dave grey when he just played acoustic over ambient electronic backgrounds. I liked the juxtaposition of it. Mabe thats why I like electrifiecd acoustic. It does seem to be unique and the souds I get do still have some of the acousticy.

Interesting that you play acoustic and yet say that you really wanted to be a guitarist.


I use effects on acoustic because it's the only way to make it sound bearable. Compression, chorus, a little delay, maybe some tremelo and of course EQ. The only exception is when the song calls for that semi-musical ching-ching tone that you often hear on worship CDs.

oops. I meant to say lead guitarist rather than worship leader who leads with guitar.


Sometimes i like to noodle rather than just strum. But, mabe it is just because like so many others for a long time I was the only guitarist with just a drummer so I had to strum a lot, and now I have a full band I love the freedom of exploring musical space with arpeggios laden with delay overdrive etc. I have been messing around with tremolo it is a built in effect in my multi effects. I think I will get one soon. Lord, I think I have been bitten with gear acquisition syndrome.

I think you were right all along.



From reading this, it's hard to imagine that it sounds very good. I do use compression and chorus and reverb, but these are typical things that don't actually take away from the acoustic aspect. But a DS1 through a multi effects unit set for 59 blackface then through a tube preamp? When I've tried that, it sounded quite electric, so I'm thinking that you can't sound very acoustic. Maybe that's not the sound you're going for?
I use the ds1 on a very low setting for single line stuff to cut through the rest of the band. The sound is quite unique. it is not totally acoustic. I could just go direct, but the tonality is totally different than any electric I have ever played. It does have a unique sound. Like indie alt. christian rock.
I gotta hand it to you for the uniqueness and seeking your own sound. I'd like to hear it some time. Especially the DS1.
I use a Zoom multi effects pedal which I usually have set to a clean 'studio chorus' sound (I think that's the description) with chorus set quite sparingly, and a bit of reverb. I can increase the intensity of the chorus with the footpedal which is good for the more strummy up-tempo songs, but the sound is a bit 'toppy'. Like most acoustics with piezo pickups my Ibanez has on board EQ and I roll off the treble and presence settings and boost the bass a little as I like to keep the sound on the warm side and not too shrill. That's pretty much all I use with the acoustic in worship.

Dear James,

I just bought an A2.1.  I'm still figuring out how to use it. I'm using a Takamine Jumbo EG523S.

Please share with me your favorite settings with your pedal.

Cheers and God bless.



Boss Flanger, Chorus, or Phaser... swirling ALL the time! :D

Other than some eq (to fix things) and reverb or delay (for depth), I keep it pretty simple. When I'm on flattop, it's an airy, woody, acoustic tone I'm after. Now when it come to the electric...


Rocky Jones


Right now the only effects I use are on my Fender Acoustasonic 30 amp which has a chorus setting. That's all I really use with my Epiphone AJ-100 witha  FIshman Rare Earth soundhole pickup.

I tested out a Lag Tremontaine (French) Jumbo Cutaway with a Crate small acoustic amp and when I chose one of the pre-amp settings (I think it was 4 or 5), I more or less got the conclusion: "who needs a chorus setting on the amp when the guitar already has something comparable to that?". If you want to get this guitar, go to Interstate Music's site. At a local shop, they're charging $649; at Interstate, it's just $579.


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