I have a ton of effects when I lead with acoustic guitar. I think I really wanted to be a guitarist. Anywhy here is what I use for worship and it sounds great. Alvarez-yairi to ds1 distiotion (set very low and only for single line intros or breaks) through ch1 chorus always on through echotank delay 280 ms most of the time. this goes into a digitech rp250 multieffects pedal which has reverb, a compressor, another delay, a noise gate and modeller set on 59 blackface clean. Then this goes into a tube preamp cranked up which gives a real tube feel and into a di or sometimes into a fender frontman25 miked the sound is so similar either is good. the only reason i sometime use the amp is so i can use it for a monitor.


All that said I always practice and lean new songs first without all that.


Does anyone else do anything simmilar?

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So the Lag guitars have chorus built in? From watching the video, it's just 5 presets from a 31 band EQ with no effects or digital modeling.
Which chorus do you use?
lol sorry i been gone for a while. I just got a martin 12 string and love it d12xae and it does have a beautiful natural chorus but i still like some effects. check out the john butler trio. his instrumental songs are amazing and he plays through more pedals than me but also balances with a mike at the soundhole.
You mean chorus, or octave? If you detune one set of strings a few cents, you get a semi-chorus sound I guess.
the to two strings b ane e are unison and the bottom four are in octave so when i strum a lot of open chords or concentrate on the high strings strumming a natural chorus happens they are even closer in tune but no 2 strings will ever be identical so there is always a chorus like effect

Interesting, I don't tend to hear 12 strings as chorus. I guess it's sort of chorus without the delay and low frequency oscillation. Certainly a lovely sound.


Now take your 12 string and put it through some medium compression and chorus and you've got Roger McGuinn.

lol I love his rickenbacker 12 electric.

here he is playing it in a great christmas carol for the season:



The only thing Ive found when playing a whole set with mine is the weight of the neck keeps pulling it down and it gets annoying after a while. I got a fatter strap to help but it still wants to fall down.


Ha ha. My Guild Starfire does that and it's not a 12 string. Thanks for the McGuinn link.

Fishman Aura 16. LOVE IT!

Zoom A2 works great!


I have bought A2.1. it should be the same with yours, except the pedal. have you tried plugging it to the church's audio system? should be cool.  please share with me your fave  settings.


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