I usually plug my acoustic in through the Taylor blender thing and it sounds pretty good. But the other day, for a particular song, I sat on a stool and played it into a mic. It sounded really good, I didn't have any feedback issues and several of my friends said it was the best sounding thing they've heard me do. It's made me think about possibly doing it more often.


Has anyone else tried this? Do you have any issues or suggestions? 

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Yes I usually do this doing recordings... the sounding is pretty nice as well.

Although, right now I am using B-Band preamps with UST and AST with XOM (Cross OVer Mix) and it mimics quite well the mikeing sound spectrum. UNfortunately had some issues with it and had to resort on 1 UST pickup eliminating the UST, but resorted to the A5T pickup, which is very good it seems till now!... However , the crossover is just sweet!!! Yu have to try it or hear it to believe it!



Sound Clips: http://www.b-band.com/index.php?page=sound-clips



I forgot to mention that it's a live situation. I've never used anything but microphones in recording. But it surprised me when it turned out so well. 


Also, I saw James Taylor and he uses a clip-on mic on his guitar.

A condenser mic will sound even better!

It might have been, I can't remember. I do have a C1000S in my bag that I might have used. 


I might do it again this Sunday. Certain songs really call for it.

I actually had to do this exact thing yesterday about half way through our service. I had a battery issue with my guitar and so I had to mic it. It did ok but I stand and couldn't move around like I usually do. If I had sat like you did I probably would have been fine. My only issue was consistant volume due to being too close or too far from the mic because I wasn't sitting. Other than that the sound quality was good. I think I'll probably do it again in the future.
Yea, the volume thing was a concern for me. In my case, the guitar doesn't have a strap button on the neck, so I just wanted to sit down with it.  Did you use a condenser or a dynamic?
It was a dynamic mic. It was defiantly something I wasn't used to.

The mic's where it's at for tone, but for a loud worship band... it can get ugly very quickly! That said, if a loud band isn't an issue, then go with the mic - they're more natural and intimate sounding.


Rocky Jones

I just bought a Fishman Aura 16. It sounds so much like a mic'd guitar that it's unreal. To the point where I catch myself being careful not to shift the guitar because it will move away from the mic and change the tone. Which is silly, of course, because it is direct.

If you have the budget, try a DPA 4099-G. I also always keep a Neumann KM184 with me...but I find I have to have a really good engineer or it can be very inconsistent. A good compressor on the channel is very helpful for minimizing changes in volume due to slight movements.

It just doesn't work well for being loud, but for solo or small ensemble stuff, it sounds better than any pickup out there. When I'm with the full band I plug in...too much stage volume to use a mic effectively in those cases.

No one claims (or can truly claim) that sophisticated electronics are completely natural or organic. They're just trying to get as close as possible. The downside to mic'ing is the feedback, especially on a stage with half a dozen monitors. It's nearly impossible to kill it and you are forced to go Piezo. I wish there were a better way, I much prefere mic'd acoustics to plug-in acoustics.

I mean, I love how there's a special box that had digital simulation of a real guitar now. It can be found installed in $2500 Taylors and Martins and it sounds really good. But it's not actually the guitar you see, it's ones and zeros. Oh well, I guess they have to keep tweaking and inventing or they die.

I think that is the device I'm thinking about. I'm told it sounds very natural, but given how it works, you could make a $100 piece of junk sound good. So then your left with - "do I need the $2500 guitar?". And it never sounds quite natural, just better. I say mic the acoustic and use a blender that blends between mic and piezo. 


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