I usually plug my acoustic in through the Taylor blender thing and it sounds pretty good. But the other day, for a particular song, I sat on a stool and played it into a mic. It sounded really good, I didn't have any feedback issues and several of my friends said it was the best sounding thing they've heard me do. It's made me think about possibly doing it more often.


Has anyone else tried this? Do you have any issues or suggestions? 

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A while back I came to terms with the idea that any acoustic with a pickup was 2 guitars. It was one guitar when played completely acoustically and another one when plugged in. And nary the twain shall meet. I just get a plugged in sound that I find to be "my sound" and leave it at that. My only piece of extra equipment is a Fishman Pro EQ Platinum. It has a very musical 4 band EQ with sweepable mids. I can dial in a sound with my under-saddle that feels good to play and sounds pleasing...not the same as the guitar sounds acoustically...but pleasing and nuanced.

I think that's perhaps the way to think of it. It would then bring one to look for the nicest sounding under-saddle pickup system instead expecting it to sound natural.


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