I play a Seagull Artist Edition cutaway with dual pickups. It is a very nice guitar. I have not sampled many different typs of Strings apart from Silk and Steel and the Common Brass type strings. What is the Best String to go on this Guitar for a Nice Smooth Deep Sound, not brassy.

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Personally, I love the D'addario EXP strings. The phosphor bronze ones, namely, have a very rich warm sound to them. Cost about $12 though, so kinda on the expensive end

I like the Elixir PB, but the G & D strings always break (usually in the middle of a worship service) - never broke a string in two decades till I started using Elixirs. That said, I switched to EXP PB and have been really pleased with the tone & reliability. While I still appreciate the 'compressed' tone of the Elixers, the D'aD EXP PB are all I've used for the past year or so.


Rocky Jones

lol me too so i went back to daddario phosphor bronze. ej-16 where i live even those cost 11 bucks. i cannot afford the exps they are more. and i change once a month.

But you wouldn't need to change monthly if you had EXPs...

A nice deep smooth sound - that's hard to tell. You're guitar might not be able to produce such a sound. But I absolutely second the EXP strings. Great sound, long life. You will save money in the long run.
My favorite strings thus far for my Taylor 410 CE are Martin lights. When I switched from D"addario strings to the Martins I couldn't believe how much better the guitar sounded. The most noticable difference was when I played barr chords up around the twelvth fret.
I used Snake Oil Brand strings for a while (stopped because getting them mail-ordered to the UK was a hassle) and they gave quite a mellow tone while lasting well. DR Rare bronze are pretty good too, both tonally and lifespan wise.

i enjoy extra-light guage strings.  it is easier to sing over the light volume of this type of strings.  of course, when using a sound system the volume on the vocal mic can be increased. :)


I just went to lighter strings as well.  I like them better... especially when you have a good/full band wherein my guitar doesn't need to "do it all", you know?

Do you notice a difference in the intonation? I couldn't really handle it on one of my guitars and went back to lights.

Hadn't thought about that, Steve.  Let me go "take a wissen" -Buckwheat

Wookin pa nub?


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