I have a 4-year old custom guitar made by James Goodall.  It's a stunning guitar to look at and to listen to / play.  


I've played this guitar a lot, and the frets are showing sign of wear.  There's a hit of buzz where there wasn't before, and I have to work harder now to get the same clarity it had four years ago.

 - At what point do you all recommend re-fretting? 

 - What do I want to watch out for? 


As the guitar is worth more than my BMW, I'm anxious to not mess this up. 

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I doubt you'll need a re-fret. Just a re-dress of the frets, (re-level, re-crown) and perhaps one or two frets replaced. I wouldn't trust a Goodall to anyone but whom Goodall recommends. I'd recommend you contact him and see if he recommends someone in your area. Seriously, I've had horrible guitar repair experiences and I've had excellent ones. God forbid you pick the wrong person. I'm not saying that a Goodall requires something different, just that if James trusts someone, you know they will be the right one.


As for the clarity - I'm not sure that's a function of frets. Hopefully in your case it is. I've had more than one person tell me that this can happen to Goodalls with age. I hate to think that it's possible, but apparently it happens. Not sure what it comes from.


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