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My set up is simple - a very old Musicman Stringray and a nearly as old Gallien-Krueger 200MB. After all these years I still think that they're great. Sometimes I'd love a big Bass system (the GK has a 1x12" and only weighs something over 25lbs) but then I think of the transport issues and I decide to stick with what I've got!
I use a '79 & '08 Stingray maybe we should start a group.:-D
I currently have a Warwick Thumb BO 5, and I love it and it goes through a SWR 1x10 for practice at home, but at church it goes through a Ashdown ABM 300 to a Ashdown 4x10. I will be adding another bass soon...hopefully a sadowsky :)
I own a Fender Precision bass, which I bought new in 1980. You can hear it on the songs I uploaded on my page.

God Bless
I've got a schecter Omen-5 , a Behringer 450 amp, 4x10 and 1x15 Behringer metal cone cabinets.
Ibanez 5-string sg-485, 1979 Rickenbacker bass, Crate 100 amp, 1960's Fender bassman amp, numerous speaker boxes.
I have a 1991 Peavey Dyna Bass. It's charcoal gray with hot pink strings.......girl power!!!!!
I have a Status empathy it's and English bass, A Carvin AC50f. Both are 5 string the status is a solid body. The carvin is a semi acoustic. I use SWR amps sm-500 and sm-900 both are pre-fender. The cabs. I use are swr and aguilar. The swr is one of the first swr made it has a great sound. 4X10 The aguilar is a new or newer 1X12 with horn. The horn in the swr is turned off. This is what I use on stage. I only use one amp at a time unless we are playing a big show then everything comes out. I use a visual volume pedal that allows me to use both basses with out unplugging and replugging. I'm a gear pig so there is more but you get the idea. Blessings Doug
A very simple Fender standard jazz bass, 4 string. Did a little "artistic" touching to the pick guard painting in the Dutch flag and in orange lettering "Dutch Mafia" in the white between the strings. I wanna find a place to get it professionaly done, but it'll do for now.
I just recently purchased an Ibanez SR506 and I LOVE IT! I run it thru a Fender Bassman 150. It does what I need for now. Great for practice and with an XLR on the front panel, it is great for live as well. BTW....I also use Monster Cables.
i love the sound of aged cables. mmmmm
Iv got a Basic Fender Squire P-Bass. Havent had the money to move up yet. But im looking into a nice ESP LTD B50. Its the one i currently play in my worship band.


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