ok, so when i look around the majority of church worship bass players use a five stringer! but why? please tell me why YOU use a five stringer! i need speficications and details please :)

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Our congregation was given a 5 string Rogue several years ago, and a Behringer head with a GallienKruger 2x10 cab. I have never gotten use to the wider neck on a 5 string (even though I bow a 7 string Gamba)..  My son however LOVES it.  He backed me up this past Saturday (I led from an acoustic guitar) and on our final song "We Worship You Alone" in Em that low B REALLY nailed it.

Used to play a short scale bass years ago, but last year I purchased a Cort GB5 bass to get back to playing again.  It allows me better options for chording and slap, but it has a very nice round sound to the 5 string - to me that is. It has a Jass and a MM style Basslines pups. I have an Ashdown 600 head @ 4 Ohms  running through Behringer 2x10" 500 watt cab @ 8 Ohms - so, I get around 350 Watts output.. We also have an old Ampeg 400 Watt 4x10" at church.

Some of the other players are still happy with their 4 stringer.

So,Ben, what did you get?

Woah sorry guys hadnt been on the page in months! but thanks for the replys!!! i ended up Buying the Ibanez505M! beauty!! I love it!! :) Along with my gallienkruger amp, made it sound like a Music Man!!! :D


Nice bass guitar.

I began using a 5-string a years or so prior to connecting with my church and joining the worship team. Personally, I like the ability to go the low 'D' or even low 'C#' when it fits tastefully in the song. Low 'C' and 'B' I use usually as an effect like holding a long note out on an intro, or walking it up, to name a couple examples. But I rarely stay on the real low notes and play continually. The lowest note I might play continually is the 'D', which has a real nice tone.

While I do have three 4-sting basses (2 Fender P- bass and 1 Fender J-bass) I prefer the 5-string (Ibanez BTB455) because it has great built-in electronics and I can do plenty with it tone-wise. It's my "go-to" bass. I use it for both live and studio. Don't get me wrong, I love my Fender 4-string basses too. I will use them when I want that classic, undeniable Fender sound. But my 5-string offers me lots of flexibility and tone options in my case. 

I hope my input was helpful. I apologize for going off topic a little, but for me, my reasons get pretty involved. I don't see playing a 5-string as something I must to be like everyone else, or as a trend. I just really like my Ibanez 5-string. I don't only play at church, though, I'm a pro-musician and play out an a regular basis and my 5-string is a good fit for almost all the I do.

If you haven't had a chance to play a 5, head over to a guitar shop and spend some time with one. It may help you understand our reasoning.



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