haha Hey guys! my last post that i had months ago was about an Ibanez Bass, i ended up buying the SR505M. beautiful bass! but what amp do you prefer to go with? im looking for CLEAR tone, deep ends, cutting highs and mids, and beautiful slap! any jugjestions?

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Size, price limits, etc etc. Many amps will likely do what you want, but they come with different weight and cost limits. Also are you after a head or need cabs/combo too?

Hi,...ive got a secret to share...Ive been through a number amps over the years and curently run a Mesa Boogie 400 head through an Ampeg 4 x 10 Classic cab for a Musicman Stingray5 or Jazzes...monster tone. BUT...i bought a Nemesis EN400 head for our church,,,was about £300-350 and it is simply STUNNING...it comes so close to being as good as the Mesa Boogie that yuo couldnt believe over £1000 separates them in price...so, put simply; buy one. The Mosfet sound is great. I think Eden have now discontinued it as a Nemesis amp and sell it as a full on Eden amp with the resultant price hike...but there are still some around. Cabs?...Ampeg 4 x10 Classic,...portable, punchy, top quality....hope that helps :} Tried some Mark Bass stuff recently...dont bother...

I like Fender bass amps with 15" speakers. How big is the place you are playing in? You can get one that hooks into the sound system, if you have a good system.

I totally agree with you Tim, I own a Fender BXR200, and run the direct out on the back to the mixing console. We have a fairly mid size sanctuary (seats 250-300). It provides plenty of sound on stage for me as a monitor, and for the rest of the worship team to hear me. Plus, the tone is so beautiful. It is just a combo amp, but you can get so much out of it. 

Yep you can't go wrong with a fender amp!

Here's the secret Ben. Take your Bass to a store that sells several diferent amps that are in your price range and plug your baby in and play a few tunes and riffs that you normally play. Most good stores will let you do this and they may have a bassist on staff that can advise you of the different settings on the amps that will bring out different tones. Remember, take YOUR bass so you can hear what IT will sound like through the amp. Don't rely on playing one of their guitars. The relationship between Bass and amp is a marriage! They have to work well together. That said, it doesn't mean you HAVE to buy the amp from that particular store or at that particular time. It will just give you some experience as to what your particular Bass sounds like through each particular amp. You can always shop around the web for best price once you get an idea for the amp you like best. Don't be afraid to spend some time in the store playing around. This new amp will be yours for life so ya better get THE ONE that will bring you the sounds you want from your ax. Good hunting!

hey guys thanks so much for the advice!

@Greg_ will look into it!

@Toni_ size doesnt matter, price; under $650, and wheather a cab or stack, doesnt matter,

@Joe_ thanks! ill look at it too, and yea i think I might know what you mean about the mark bass, :p

@Timothy_ i do need one to plug into the system=, to equalize the sound levels, the place not to big, but for the youth, we usually let the bass vibrate the bass!!! :P

@Robert_ i have done that, and will do that! hopefully i can go to a Sam Ash near by my location and see what they have there!

Ben, If you have a decent sound system it's a good way to go. We have one with 15" speakers and the bass sounds nice. In a small place I guess it would not matter, but who knows what place we will be in next year??


I would buy an amp with an output to go into a system.





OK, there's 2 I'll recommend:

Since you plan to use the PA and size is not important - Ibanez Promethian: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/ibanez-promethean...

It's a little over budget, but you might find a deal somewhere. These have been quite a hit over here with mobile gigging bassists, and are being compared with Markbass, TC electronics and Eden kit. Early versions sometimes had a problem with hum, but that seems to have been sorted now. Tonally they're meant to be very good indeed, though a 1X10, no matter how well designed, will obviously not shake the walls like an 8X10.

At the other end of the scale I'd look out for one of these, or a separate HA3500 head and Hartke 410XL: http://www.zzounds.com/item--HTKVX3500

I have an HA3500, and it's just a great amp, versatile and powerful. The only significant disadvantages are that it's heavy and the cooling fan is noisy in a quiet room.

As suggested, you really should try a few different rigs before buying. Best Buy carry Hartke stuff (expensive compared to ZZounds) and there should be one not too far away from where you live.


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