If any of you use effects pedals out there, what would you say would be the essential. I know it really depends on your rig setup. I already have Chorus built into my rig, so I am looking at a couple of different pedals, and am trying to decide which way would benefit most. I think out of everything, with the music we play, I would benefit from a Sustain the most, but I can't find a specific Bass Sustain pedal.

We mostly play Chris Tomlin, Desperation Band, Jesus Culture, but have started playing some Alm:UK stuff. So, I have wanted to go with an Octave pedal to get some good depth to my Passive Bass.

A couple of pedals I have been looking at are:

  • The Big Squeeze from DigiTech (Compressor, with separate High/Low compression levels)
  • Some sort of a delay pedal
  • Some sort of a sustain pedal
  • A Bass Octave pedal

I don't know if I need specific bass type pedals or if the guitar ones will do.

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I have a Boss OC-3 octave pedal (rarely use) and I have a fuzz pedal (Boss FZ-5). I love the early bass sound on Mel Schacker's bass in Grand Funk Railroad and occasionally we play a song that it fits.

I decided to give the BOSS CS-3 a whirl. I got a great deal on it, and the sales clerk threw in the BOSS Power Adapter and the chain adapter so I can connect it to my TU-3, so I will report back. 

Line 6 Bass Bod Floor Pro. It has everything I could ever need.

Hi Ryan

I am not playing Bass in my worship team, but I did my major in bass guitar and do a lot of session recordings and performances on bass.

You mentioned a couple of pedals you are looking at and their features.

Most guitarist would say build up your own pedal rig, but I went with an FX pedal that does all of that and more.

Have a look at the Boss Me50b FX pedal.

- Great delays, reverbs and tone enhancers

- Overdrives, distortion, synths, compressors etc.

- Double bass, Wah's, flanges, octave mods, fretless bass

- Loop back.

This is just some of the features I use and I would strongly recommend this pedal.


Hope this helps

I use the line6 bass pod when not using an amp. Love the Amp/Cabinet models. Only use a little Chorus when things are mellow and in worship mode. With the right Amp, I haven't found the need for a pedal, would like a little chorus and maybe a bit of distortion now and then but...


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