hey fellow bassist, i am in the process of purchasing an Ibanez SR305, does anyone have it? if so, can you please tell me about it? what are the pros and cons of it?

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I don't think I've played one and that's the acid test. Instruments are something I've been wary of buying online because how they feel (and sound) in your hands is not necessarily apparent from online opinions and manufacturers sales information. Just looking at the picture though, I can see a lot of desirable features, like 24 frets, a recessed jack plug and angled tuners.

I did have a quick look at the Ibanez site but couldn't see any information on on string spacing. My current main bass is (if I recall correctly) about 17mm from string to string at the bridge and, even though a six string model, feels very playable because of a fairly slender neck. My previous main bass (a Washburn XB600) has 15mm spacing and, although that doesn't sound like a big difference, it feels a lot more restrictive to me.

When you say you are in the process of purchasing, are you still at the thinking stage or is it too late if somebody comes up with a significant reason to be cautious or consider something else?


rightnow yes im still in the thinking stage, always opened for ideas!


In that case, I've got two more questions.

1. Why the Ibanez SR305 specifically? (have you found a good deal? played one and loved it?)

2. Make and model aside, what are the essential and desirable features?

Don't get too hung up on the ins and outs though - an instrument is an important investment but better the bass your hand than two in the store when it comes to making music!


wel i have got my hands on the ibanez SR505 and i like it, im looking at the 305 be4cause of the lower prices range.


So actually your question boils down to whether the 305 is so inferior to the 505 that you'll regret not saving up almost twice as much? On the surface, they look very similar with the 505 just having some pricier options in materials and hardware. That said, those differences can be everything!

Is there any way you can get to try out a 305 before parting with any money? If you like it a lot, then your decision is easy. If you hate it, then blank the slate and look for something else. If somewhere in between, how about trying to find a second-hand 305 and then, using the money you save, considering an upgrade or two in future (for example, my bass has barts like the 505 and they tend to give a range of sounds I'm very happy with).


The neck on the SR305 feel is the same as the SR505, but the pickups and EQ are very different animals. The SR305 has Ibanez EXF pickups but the SR505 has Barolini's ( indonesian built, not U.S. built), and I think a 3 band EQ. The SR505 has a mahogany body (stained), where the SR305 is painted Agathis body.

There may be a weight differnce, but I haven't played both together, so I am not sure there).


But, on youtube there is a guy that plays Christian songs ( his way) and he swapped from a Squire 5 stringer to a SR305 - and it sounds great to me. Check him out : -   idontrussue1    .

Dear Ben,

I've played a little on a friend's Ibanez 4-string version. Ibanez has what I perceive to be a good value for relatively little money. All that aside, play something that you like. One that suits your needs and helps you want to play. My experience was that, once I read reviews and more or less settled for what I was looking for, I headed for the local music shop and bugged the owner to let me play several kinds on an amp. (Seriously, I have a good relationship with my local shop. He's mainly a bass player and very helpful to share advice.) I nearly bought a Fender Geddy Lee jazz right then and there because he was willing to deal.

After I found a bass I liked and thought I could play, I went online and looked to see what was for sale. It turned out that someone recommended I look into Squire's "Modified Vintage" line. I found one online that the seller had installed a Badas*2 bridge and Bertolini pickups. I went ahead and got that one. It was economical [I'm cheap] and had the 2 "upgrades" that sweetened the deal. I feel I got a good bass for the price.


I've had an SR305 for several years now and it is one of my favorite guitars(I own several, I should join the "gear acquisition" support group LOL) The only thing about Ibenez you might consider is their necks are thinner than many other brands and makes the strings sit closer together, which may present a problem for us "slap & poppers." It just depends on you playing level & style.

Do you mean width across or "width" front to back (probably better called depth)? A narrow width will tend to constrain the string spacing but a narrow depth can make for easier playing (as long as the neck is still strong enough to hold together!).


I mean't wide across. Sorry, thanks for helping me clarify!

Ben, have you tried the SR305? If you get that one and later save up for a swap out of the pups and then EQ if you want. That would be the best of both worlds really - well to me anyway.


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