hi guys

i ve been playing bass for a good 4 or 5 years! and been playing in church and at cu reglauir but feeling that my bass playing is lacking somewhat as i know where the notes are on the fret bored but i only use mainly use the E and A strings up to normally the 5th fret and advice on how to make my playing more exicing??


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Thanks Greg. It's probably down to training, but I've obviously mixed up 1 beat with 1 note.

As for suspenders, it depends (pun not intended) on whether you mean the American or British versions.

first of all I think it makes a difference on what kind of music you are playing. next you have to practice alone with the music. over and over, listen to the bass player in the song if you want to sound like the "cd" but by playing over and over you get familiar with the song. that's when you can expand and grow with your bass playing. but also remember how many other musicians are on stage with you. The more musicians blending the less you should play so you don't step on each other and muddy up the music. Also playing in time with the drummer and keeping track of the singer are of utmost importance. Sometimes leaving notes out so the lead instruments can carry the melody increases the quality of sound as well. Notes not played can be the best notes for a bass player. When i started out I found a piece on youtube by Paul Baloche on what he wsa looking for in a bass player and it sounded like he was looking for you. good luck and praise God.

I am going to echo what the first reply said: Practice.


I would figure what keys you play most of your material in and practice those scales, from the lowest note in the scale** all the way past the octave point on you high G string. (assuming a 4 or 5 string bass) Get to know those scales so well you can play them in your sleep.  Yeah - I know scales are boring.  So do what you can to make them not boring.  for a C maj scale play C E D F E G F A G B A C B D C  going up and reverse it going down. All walking bass lines and fill ins use sections of scales.


**  the lowest note in the scale on your instrument.  For example if you are playing in the key of C major, the lowest note in the scale would be your low E on a 4 string. If you are playing in Bb, then the low F would be your starting note.

>>  Listen to James Jameson on all those great Motown cuts.


I second this.  (and would add Bob Babbit, but those 2 men sounded so much alike even they did not remember who played on certain tracks)

Another one to listen to is Mel Schacker on EARLY Grand Funk RR recordings (Red album, first live album, E Pluribus Funk) He could lay down a rock hook 2nd to none.  Being from Flint MI he was influenced by that Detroit sound like Jamerson and Babbit.

Listen to some other styles. I have found "urban" gospel to be some of the most complicated bass lines in music where as alot of the "contemporary" worship styles are as you say very basic. 


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