Guys and girls, just interested in the setup you have or would like to have but narrowed down to the pedals, effects and DI's that you have in your sights.


I am a basic bass player with no frilly stuff , just wired through the amp ( for a monitor) and that DI'd back to the PA - plain and simple. The issues are it is limited in colouring my tone  and when the bands dynamics change- i.e. we get a few more or a few less players.


Also, anyone use sofeware to enhance their tone , live in church, and what is available?

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I've tried several over the years but my gear right now is:

Boss Noise Reducer/Power Supply

Boss CS-3 Compression/Sustainer

Boss Bass CEB-3 Stereo Chorus (not running stereo)

Tech 21 Bass Driver Deluxe

I used to use a BOSS EQ but don't need it now with the Tech 21 Bass Driver. It provides the DI into the sound system as well. We do not use amps or monitors on the stage, as we have Aviom mixers for everyone so they control their own mix for their ear buds/headphones. I also had an old Behringer Bass V-Amp Pro that was interesting to play with but not really usable in worship because so many settings had way different volume levels unless you spent a lot of time tweaking.


I don't go in much for effects like distortion, phase shifters, that sort of thing on my bass; the chorus provides a nice tone that fits with certain songs we do. Other than that I'm clean with just a bit of compression/sustain from the Boss pedal. The Bass Driver Deluxe has two 'banks' of three settings each, so you can set three different settings for two different basses, or six for one bass; plenty of variety for worship.


Hope this helps.

Ken, have you tried the Sansamp PARA driver DI on your bass at all. Similar to your Bass driver but has a mid range knob? I heard it used on both acoustic and electric bass - nice.

I am the same about distortion etc, I do not see a use for it in a worship setting , others who play maybe "louder" music may disagree.

No, I've never tried that. I got a great deal on the Tech 21 and have been very happy with it. If I want to change something 'mid-song' or 'mid-set' I adjust at the bass. My Schecter active pickups and three-band EQ onboard so I have good control over the mids...
I just use a tuner, really, although some limiting can be helpful. Nothing to change the tone really, except the usual controls on bass and amp.
Sans Amp Bass Driver DI,   Boss 7 band eq,    Dunlop Bass Wah,

I find most traditionalist are looking for "a" tone... and then stick to it forever. Hopefully I'm not going to aggravate those purist guys...


We had our bass player use a Bass POD-XT Live. I think he bought it because I was using the guitar version.


It was neat, but he didn't really use it right. The problem it takes too bloody long to program for most bassist. However, as a Synth player, this might intrigue you. Basically you can software/model a 'patch' for every song on your bass. I found it harder to program that the Guitar for some reason. It wasn't as intuitive.


I've also used a Line 6 FM4 with my bass sometimes. (Sadly, along with POD XT live, I have DL-4, FM-4 and MM-4. Probably got some duplication there...) Neat for 70's Funks style filter sounds. Not something I'd use every Sunday though. I was considering something like a EHX Bassballs. I find I almost have to go to a 'slap' style to get the most of that sound though (which I'm not very good at yet...I'm no Bootsy Collins or even Flea...) Most of those Filter effects are very dynamics driven. You need that great attack to great the most "quack".


I have used Russian version EHX Big Muff quite effectively. It's just nice and fat (unlike other for guitar distortion boxes). Great on-demand ruff, dirty boost for those song parts where you need it. I find that heavy stuff also affects the way I play. I almost want to pull out my 90's alternative (massive sized) bass-pick styles.


I've found that much of the mainstream R&B, Dance or Rap music is using like sub-sonic super-fat bass. I've tried to replicate that one or twice for a worship set, but I haven't found the right combination. Could be that it's really midi-trigger synth with some crazy pads and not really true e-bass. Did try some chorus/octave + modulation, but didn't find I got very close to what I was hearing on the radio.




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