I have the opportunity to trade in my beloved Peavey Fury P-Style bass towards a new bass. And I am looking to go the Fender Precision route. But, I have been reading through the forums here and over at TalkBass about the great tone range that the Jazz offers. Are there other differences. I thought I had read somewhere that the Jazz has a slimmer neck, but I don't know if that is true. On Fender's site, it states the fingerboard radius is the same as the Standard Precision.

Any input from you all would be great.

Thank you


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Precisions are great basses. But they do have a limited tonal range (number of sounds...) The Jazz is a lot more versatile and rerally you can do pretty much anything with a Jazz. The two pickups give you a variety of sounds from a warm thud on the neck pickup to a bright bark on the bridge pickup. Sounds great slapped/ popped to. The Precision sounds great in funk stuff and clanking rock. The neck on the Jazz slimmer as well, yes. I've had a a few Jazzes and precisions over the years. I'd go to a music shop and try some out. I would also by second hand rather than new as well. Hope that helps some way...


That does help. I am not worried about the slap/funk style as I never have been able to do that. :( I mostly play with a pick, but sometimes finger play when I am looking for a warmer tone on the more subtle bass lines. When we do some of the lincoln brewster stuff, or more up beat songs and I like the bright, I usually turn my tone knob on 10 currently. So if the Jazz offers that in the form of a bridge pickup, that offers more tone capabilities, that would be cool. Thanks!

Since you aren't sure, try a couple of MM style basses too. I have a P type that was fitted with a MM style pickup in the bridge, and it's my favourite bass tone. I've also tried a variety of different basses and found that, for me, a Jazz type works best in a worship context, while a P didn't really cut through without being overly intrusive, especially in volume terms. But a lot is down to your rig too, and you can re-shape the tone of almost anything to sound like anything else if you chuck enough effects and EQ at it. However there is a clarity and directness about the Jazz (single coil) pickup that I prefer over a Precision (humbucker) sound that is hard to replicate the other way. The one exception is the early precision, which was fitted with a single coil pickup, and sounds absolutely superb.

As for necks, I do find a Jazz type neck easier to play than a precision (and mine is really quite chunky) particularly if you're trying to play chords.

Well, I just got back from the local store, and I ended up picking up a Fender Jazz. You are right, the Jazz was easier to play, especially up the neck to the body. I was able to get to all the frets easier. The tones were very flexible. The action was good, but I think I am going to need to change the strings on it, and re-set it up anyway. The person that had owned it before, put black coated strings on it. And the black is worn off in spots. I picked up some Elixir strings for it. So, I will be spending this week getting it in order for rehearsal for Sunday. The neck is so nice on it. I tried the Precision and it did seem wider. Both played really well though. Just for kicks I tried a Squire and I did not like it at all. The neck was horrible on it (just my opinion), although it was extremely light. Even with the tone knob turned all the way down, it still sounded tinny. 

Glad you found one you liked.

If the black was a coating that's wearing off then the strings were probably DRs - arguably some of the best sounding strings available (and seriously expensive). If the black coating is some kind of non-metallic flat tape then they are probably Rotosound strings.

I was trying to record a little last night, and even though I really like the sound of my P with the MM style pickup for live work, my Jazz sounds best recorded where I don't need a flat-wound fretless tone.

Hi Ryan,


Did you trade the Fury?  I was going to suggest keeping it, if possible.  I have an old Peavey Foundation and I love it!  I've also heard lots of good comments about the Fury as well. 


God Bless!


I did trade it in. I needed to, for $$$ sake. I got a fair price for it though, so I am happy with it. 

Biggest difference is pickups, and agree that for most worship settings, you'll get more use out of a J than a P.

If you still can't decide there are several folks (including Fender) that make a P/J: http://www.fender.com/community/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=33636



I have been playing bass for 35 years.  Right now I play an Ibanez SR506 6 string bass.  I LOVE the Fender Jazz bass.  If I could have any bass I wanted though it would be the Musicman Stingray 5.  In my opinion these basses are the absolute best basses out there.I have owned a P-bass and traded it.  I long for that Fender "growl."  I guess my dream "rig" would be a Mesa Boogie M9 Carbine head with a Mesa 4x10 and a Mesa 1x15.  My basses would be a Musicman Stingray 5, a Fender 5 string Jazz bass (Possibly a Marcus Miller.) and a Fender fretless.  I strive to have this rig one day.  (And as I work for Guitar Center, it might just happen.  lol)  God bless you in your search and journey.

Hey Mark,...gotta say I reckon you areheading in the right direction. Ive got a Stingray5 into a Mesa Boogie 400 with an Ampeg Classic 4 x10 and it is the sweetest rig...except the Boogie needs some work from time to time...so go for it, its worth it...:-)


So I played it for the first time this Sunday, and WOW, the pickups are hot. I had EMG's in my Fury, but these guys pickup just about everything. I barely need to pluck the string to get a good tone out of them. So that raises a question for me. I was picking for the longest time, now I read more and more with a J bass, it screams to be finger-played. So, I did that this weekend. IT was good, but I can definitely tell that the pickup needs to be lowered under the G string as it way over powers the E and the A, when plucked.


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