I have been a bass player for many years (upright first, then electric), but I have bought maybe 2-3 sets of electric bass strings in my life (there have been periods of time where I was playing piano instead).  What kinds do you use and why? 

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On a passive Fender I like flat wounds , on my Stingray I use Ernie Ball Hybrids (nickel) ,I do think nickel gives you more room to go either way, mellow or hard edge.

Years ago, I used Ernie Ball Slinky's then  started to use D'Addario roundwounds on my Ibanez's , currently DR Black Beauties on the Cort Gb after replacing the D'Addarios that came on it and love them. I am lazy when it comes to changing my strings and these last longer and they feel great.  On my mandolin I still use D'Addarios EXP - coated strings they work real well for that instrument.


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