We currently have acoustic drums with no drum shield. The room holds about 300 people.  Some vocalists complain about stage noise on some louder songs.  (I lead and play guitar and sometimes I fill in on the  drums).  I personally don't have a problem with stage noise, but I admit that the floor monitors have to be cranked up.

Now we are looking to address this issue by getting a shield for the drums or converting to electronic drums and possibly use in-ear monitors (just in one ear).  Does anyone have any experience with these issues and maybe some advice?  Thanks.

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Hi Bro. Paul,
You could check out this product from Aviom. they're great in digital signals and personal monitor mix. This is something I'm proposing to my church (in Malaysia, and is costly from USD to MYR... you can get very great deal from sweetwater.com). I thank God we have the opportunity to tryout the system in our church last week and the thing they offered are superb :)

please check attachment. (price is taken from sweetwater.com). you may need also to get yourself a  16channel snake cable(depend on your setting, maybe you can go straight without it.... you may need to add more mic cables and DIs... if you're interest then I'll later try to list everything in details to you...), and several CAT5 cable (or the LAN cable/phone cable.... whatever you call in your country... lol~! we call it "phone line" cable... apologies for my inappropriate english...) and do a daisy chain from one personal monitor to another.
It can link up to 16 channel of inputs to the console and direct out to mix for sound tech just to focus the hall, and stage? individual do what they want according to their liking :)
why 6 personal monitor? 1 for Worship leader (choose between wireless in-ear monitor or stage monitor), 1 for backup singers (3 sharing one, so should choose stage monitor), 1 for keyboardist (earphone or headphone should do the job), 1 for guitarist (earphone), 1 for bassist (Definitely isolate headphone, for it focus the bass freq.), and 1 for drummer (isolate headphone best, for this, you need to shield, pad, and mic up your drum, shield is not enough.... for I'm a drummer and we recently just got the shield.... drum is controlled for the stage and hall, but drummer will hear bounce back and is even louder this time... padding will help to control and even the sound for the drummer, check clearsonic brand, they offer everything you need for isolating and padding any instrument and acoustic setting.... mic up is for drummer to hear themselves through this personal monitor)...
Hmm... sorry for not arranging everything in detail.... is just when it come to mind and i type it out for ya ;)



Jerry Tan

Full-time worker

Thanks for the great ideas Jerry!  We have a meeting next weekend so I will bring up some of these thoughts.



Hey Paul,

I have experience [good and bad] with all the above. Drum shields are a great solution to your problem of cutting down on stage noise and reducing overbearing floor monitor levels. I have played in all scenarois, acoustic, electronic, shild, no shield, hearback and no hearback. I think best case scenario for everyone is to spend you money on a good in ear monitoring system for everyone on the team and invest in a sonic shild setup for your acoustic kit. I understand many people say electronic drums are the "in thing" as far as sound control, however the trade off with being able to be dynamic at the kit just isn't worth it over time.



Thanks Fred - those are helpful comments.



At my church we are around 220 adults slit over 2 services. We always use and acoustic kit with drum screen as they want the big dynamic hillsong sound. We also have everyone in the band on IEM's and it has worked very well mostly, some people still aren't huge fans but they are all fans of have the drums at least 12db quieter in their ears. It has also had mixing FOH so much easier.

I do love IEM's but I think they take time to get use to and really need a good engineer to make your kit sound good.

thanks Jake.  There is a big push to keep things simple.  I doubt that IEMs will happen - at least not at this point.  I am still researching - thanks for the comments.


An update on this would be that we are buying a couple of better quality floor monitors - we need them anyways.  We still have not decided on electronic or acoustic drums, but pretty sure we will not be getting in-ear monitors.

Thanks for the comments.  If there are more, feel free to reply. Thanks.


I am all for keeping things simple when possible.


But some people don't all ways know the best way to look to move to IEM's, and how cheap it can be. We managed to move our whole music team to IEMs with some radio systems for worship leader and backing vocalists and also including ear buds for everyone.


I know that IEM's aren't always suitable for everyone.

If you are looking at purchasing wedges, I am more than happy to advise if you can give me a idea on budget and application.



We bought a 3 year old Gretsch Catalina Club kit!  Very nice!  We haven't used it in the church yet, but I think it will be perfect - it has a lighter sound than the old Pearl Target set.


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