Most of the time we have a d'jembe with high hat, crash cymbol (hit with hand to great effect) with about a dozen  or so other noisemakers (chimes, rainstick, cabasa, etc.).  Most of the year I'm a sax player with some of the percussion instruments, but during the summer work schedules force the sax to be put away most of the time and I play the vast array of percussion instruments.  It's a blast!!


Any other noisemakers out there???

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I'm a horn player so I'm kinda making this up as I go but, but my "set" is made up of a cajon- to get the snare/bass/wood-block sounds; a djembe- to get the tom/bass sounds, on one foot a foot-tambourine- to get the crash cymbal sound, and on the other foot shakers woven into my sandals for a high-hat kinda sound.

I started playing cause our drummer left a year ago and have been at it ever since and am hooked. We're a fairly small church and do the organic/acoustic thing really well. For us a drum set is a bit much. At one point I thought of getting an electric set that I could just volume-down, but I'm hooked on playing percussion with my hands.

I'm looking to get a high-hat and crash cymbal next. Does anyone out there have any experience with crash cymbals that can be played easily by hand? I know Sabian makes a extra-thin gauge series that is supposed to be good to play by hand, (picante series I think), but they're kinda costly.



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