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I've just been elected as the new drummer for the worship band.  I'm thrilled about that.  I know simple patterns which is a start.  I think this will help my bass playing.  Anybody want to give me some input on effective listening skills for drums?  How to best be able to distinguish what is being played (ie) which cymbal - is being played when.  Thanks.



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Hey Sue!


Welcome!  I think the best thing to do is listen to a lot of music...obviously a lot of worship, but also country, rock, jazz, etc...  See which songs you like and learn some of those beats, fills, and then see how you can incorporate them into the songs you're working on at church.  A lot of it will be too flashy, so you'll have to work on toning some down...but it's a good place to start.  I would also listen to as many "live albums" as possible, as some of the studio albums have drum machines, loops, and unrealistic beats in them.  I'd recommend any live albums, or studio albums by Lincoln Brewster, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Future of Forestry, Matt Redman, Gungor, Israel Houghton, Charlie Hall, any of the Passion CD's.  Let me know if you need more help...good luck to you!



Thank you.  I will .....except for country.... not too fond of that.

Hi Sue,

Welcome. I would highly recommend checking out everything from Carl Albrecht. Carl is an independent master worship drummer, however he spends most of his time with Paul Baloche. His site www.carlalbrecht.com will be a great help to you in getting your drumming set in the right direction. He has made a DVD entitled 'Drum Grooves for Worship', which is a perfect place to start. The best $25.00 you'll spend. Additionally, I would add teo personal pieces of advice 1.) keep a sensitive ear to dynamics and always remember that many times for worship less is more, especially with respect to fills; and 2.) your the one that will be accountable for keeping time, that being said even when your not playing use your Hi-Hat to help keep the band on time. Finally, let the Holy Spirit use your gift to serve your team and the congregation. God Bless!



Yes, I think I saw him in a conference called Christian Musician's Summit.  Also once Adam Nitti (bassplayer) and Zoro did a workshop called "Love And Marriage".  It was both hilarious and informative.  Zoro is a great speaker.
I like to watch drum covers on youtube its amazing how much you can see of what the drummers are playing when and there are loads of songs on there.
Yes, there is a guy by the name of Azuri..... can't spell the rest of it.  He took RockBand and videoed himself playing the RockBand drums.  I was watching what he was doing while listening to the tracks and the drums are amazingly accurate to the recordings (unlike the guitar and bass).  He later took a real set of drums and used it to play the game.  It was quite good.
It's amazing what a GOOD HALF DECENT pair of headphones allows you to hear also.


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