Newbie: 1st Sunday played - Any insurance for first few pews?

I just want to say this is the first time I played in my church and it was experience.  Set list was 1) Not Be Shaken - Norm Straus, 2) Hosanna - Hillsongs, 3) In The Secret - Andy Park & 4) Draw Me Close.  I only have a Yamaha DD-65 at home (compact drumkit) so this morning was the first time I played the regular drumkit - our band can't practice during the week.  During In The Secret while I was aiming for the ride cymbal I almost lost my stick a few times!!! LOL....I think. 

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That's what drum shields are for...and you thought they were to control the sound....
"Ahh" says the dumb blonde mascarading as a brunette! LOLOL!
But then it would bounce back at you!!  You can poke your eye out with those things!!!!

>> I almost lost my stick a few times!!!

I've had this happen before. So now I always bring extra sticks in a stick bag or stick holder close by. I twirl or lose a stick, and just pick up another one.

Problem happens when the stick get caught in the drum pedal. Then you have to get creative. I've lasted a song while I played a good part of the kick on floor tom until I could unstick the stick.


Being a live "artist", you just learn to go with the flow. That's like being any type of performer. Difference between a pro and an amateur. They prepare for everything and still can pull of a convincing set when *everything* goes wrong.

Hope that helps...



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