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I've got a Mexican strat...although I haven't played it for ages as it's so much eaiser to pick up the acoustic...
2007 Gibson Les Paul Classic
2006 Fender Am. Std HSS S-1 Strat
1976 Gibson Firebird
1967 Firebird is on the bench waiting for re$ource$ to get a bigsby tremolo
Beautiful guitar!
1991 Fender Strat Ultra - I love it. I play through a Line 6 POD X3 Live direct into the church PA.
Right now I play a G&L Legacy thru a Fender Frontman 212 R. For effects I use a Digitech RP 350, I also have a Takemine acoustic that I play now and then.. I will soon be getting a Fender American Special Crimson Red Mahogany Stratocaster. Looking forward to purchasing either a Gibson Les Paul or a Paul Reed Smith Custom 22. is my baby, but baby is sick and she fusses in loud strange ways when the stage lights are on. So I'm playing a Rogue Strat for now that I got free. Since I had the stock Variax 300 neck with an Earvana nut laying around, I bolted it on the strat, did some setup and it actually sounds pretty good. Still have noise problems with the lights so I can only playing in the 2nd and 4th pickup selections.

I use a Roland GK-3 pickup on either of them and run that through a GR-7. I'm not that fantastic of a player but I think I'm making a decent contribution with the stuff the Lord allowed me to have.
Back in college I worked for a local company that built lighting equipment. I hand wound an inductor for our in-house dimmer packs that got rid of the Electromagnetic interference ( EMI ). You will have to consult the manufacturer of the dimmer packs, AND the person in charge of the church budget before it will get better. Even after you've done all this, you still have the major risk that your single coils will hum like single coils. I know, it's just not fair! :)

I don't know much about the GR-7. Tell me more. I have a GR-33 and a GK-2 pickup on my strat. BTW would you sell me the les paul attachment for your pickup? thanks

Sorry for the late reply. WTR is usually filtered when I'm at work and I don't check it that often. I found the source of trouble with my Variax. The screw holding the circuit board to the bridge (6 piezo pickups, right) was lose. Therefore ground connection to the strings and piezos was intermittant. Now that it's tightened up properly and my guitar is working, I've put the Rogue strat back in the bag.

Don't know much about the other GRs. I use my GR-7 on almost every song. I use a lot of the pad and organ voices as a bed behind the guitar and the rest of the band. (Our keyboard player uses piano on virtually every song even though we have a Yamaha S-90 which is capable of a lot more, but that's what our leader wants.) Some gospel songs really need a brass section to make them feel right, so I'll add a few licks in there to spice them up. This last week, we played "Open the Eyes..." and lead into "Be Thou My Vision". I used a 12 string acoustic on the Vax and a church organ on the Roland. Then I switched to an accordion voice on the roland and turned the guitar off for "Be Thou..". I like to combine the Vax sitar with the Roland Sitar on "Let the Praises Ring".

If I can dig up the LP attachment, I'll send you a message...if you still need it.
great!!!!!! with ur keyboardist on the piano, you virtually have all the freedom to produce the sound on ur guitars other than "guitars"! i could just imagine u need a lot of focus at the que and oh a lot of coils around ur gadgets!!! i hope i could play my washburn china made the way u play yours.. great worship this sunday!!!!! roy edades, philippines
Unfortunately, there's also a lot to go wrong. Right now the pickup on my low E string is dead so this Sunday, I'll be playing my project guitar. Fortunately, I was able to put a decent neck on it with a better nut so that it plays in tune and my attempt at humbucker wiring worked.

BTW, our acoustic guitar player spent a few months in the Philippenes on business. He LOVED the church he attended there and says that all Philipinos can sing and sing well. Maybe someday I'll have the chance to see it too.
A. Found the LP attachment adapter for the GK 3 if you still need it. Do you know if it will fit your GK-2?
B. I have some kind of mental block that keeps causing me to call my GR-20 a GR-7. I guess I plugged it all up and mounted it in my "Frankenpedal" box and just use it without thinking what it's called. Maybe I'm getting old or distracted because 20 years ago I'd have probably even quoted specs on it and bits about what famous people use it and what features is has or doesn't compared to other guitar-synths.

Anyway, message me if you want that adapter.
I have 2 guitars but really just use one of them. I am using a Ernie Ball Musicman John Petrucci 6 string with piezo into a Line 6 POD X3 Live. I am using a line to the 1st input for electric and a line to the aux input for the piezo. I then send out of the xlr to the house and a 1/4 inch to the Line 6 Vetta behind me just for powering the two 4X12 cabinets behind me. I also have the option of running a little more effects this way via the Vetta FBV footpedal without adding them to the overall mix. I do this just to make the guitar's response feel better.


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