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Takamine Ean76 through a 1970 Fender deluxe reverb/dual mic'd.

Fender American Deluxe through a Vox Ac15VR. 

Pedal Board TU2>Fulldriver 2>Timmy Overdrive>DD20>DD7...single Tap for both delays

My Lead Player plays

Mexican Strat with vintage noiseless pickups

Marshall Class 5

Pedal Board-Boss ME 50>fulldriver 2>ocd overdrive>nova delay>Dl4 delay

I'm wondering how that Takamine sounds through a deluxe reverb. I've never liked how my acoustic guitars sound through electric amps. Do you do anything to make it less "honky"?

If by "honky" you mean Middy, I had a little trouble with the middy aspect due to the fact that on the old amp, there's no "mid" knob. Only bass and treble. Although it sounds amazing coming from the amp, it was very Tinny coming through the house. Nothing the Cool tube preamp and the iLive T112 couldn't fix. Our sound guys got an amazing sound coming through the house in Stereo by using a lot of ingenuity and a great ear. The guitar itself has a beautiful tone but it wasn't big enough. I needed the tube amp to warm it up and give it that bigness i was looking for. Some may say buy a new guitar but on my budget, i made due with what i had lying

Making do isn't bad, and you can help an acoustic quite a bit with some fine tuni

I wish my guys had a good ear. But I don't think either of my tube amps actually help my acoustic as the reproduce such a narrow range of frequencies. (Vibrolux Reverb and Brown Deluxe, both clones of originals.)

Just finished rebuilding an old Washburn Hawk, hand built in the Yamaki factory around '79 or '80.

It came with every piece of hardware stripped off, and since some parts are very non-standard against present sizes, it was a bit of a mission to find parts that fit. Pretty much there now, except for needing a new nut as the bone nut I bought got spoiled when I overdid the slotting. Pickups are Dimarzio iBZs, which I understand were derived from their super distortion design, and so period-appropriate, and wired for series/parallel on push-pull pots.

It's 24 3/4" scale with a nice chunky (through) neck, though slimmer than my '59 replica LP, and has a touch of neck-dive (not expected!) despite being fairly heavy in the body. Overall it's a nice resonant guitar, and when the setting up process is finished I think it will be great.

1997 American Fat Strat that I rewired with the lonestar mod, 2011 Schecter Custom C-7 seven string, POD HD 500 and an Ampeg VT-22 with a 2x12 cab with celestions.

I have a new addition to my guitars, another Carvin, a SH60, this guitar plays great and sounds great and looks great. The best thing about it is it seems to inspire me to practice more because of how good it plays. God blessed me to be able to purchase it and then some more blessing on the way to where it ended up with very little out of pocket, so I know God knew what it would do for me and ultimately for Him in leading His people in worship.

To God be all the glory,

Pastor Dave

My first post here.


I have a strat circa 1990 I inherited from my dad. It has an American body and a Japanese neck, which I thought was odd.


More often I play an epiphone les paul standard.


Effects: earnie ball wah, boss ds1 distortion, boss flanger, berrhinger tape echo.


As for the amp I have an axl half stack that's really too big for the church I play in. But I use the same setup to play for the youth on Wednesday nights, and I get to be a lot louder out there.



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