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On the electric guitar and general worship leading front, we are just moving churches now, so don't know yet whether I'll be involved with the new worship team. However I have ordered some strat pickups from Bryan Gunsher of BGpups, and I'm quite looking forward to trying those out, probably after Christmas as they'll be a present.

More news as it happens. ;-)

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I had the Turquoise Dano vibe pedal - lovely sound, but substantial volume boost made it awkward live. Let me know how you get on.

Glad you like the MDV, though I'm not sure what it is, other than being a univibe type. ;) It's really nice when things work out that great gear can be acquired without spending outrageous amounts of cash.

I requested and was given a Donner 'Alchemy' pedal for Christmas, which apart from trying to be a jack-of-all-trades pedal, does a really nice univibe and very usable phaser and flanger sounds. It's not programmable as such, but there is a 'tone lock' switch which locks in the last settings used regardless of where the knobs are or power state. If this could have been fitted to every pedal I owned, my tone would have been a whole lot better over the years.

This thing doesn't have a lightbulb, except a virtual one, recreated in a chip. But it's a nice idea.

I'd like to try a Dano Tuna Melt - they DO have lightbulbs, and can be customised with sliver foil. :-)


Sadly for Microsoft, usually whatever it was that killed the computer to make it want to go back like that had usually got to the same bits of the OS that were required for that to work properly too. Fortunately guitar effects pedals, even digital ones, aren't yet that easily corrupted by the user.

When I get the chance I need to finish my rebuild on my own [fake] Telly. I put new pickups and a new neck on it (frets still need lowering and the final wiring hooked up)


I got my pickups from GuitarFettish.  They have a "boutique" line of pickups that came highly recommended by a techie at Guitar Center.

I like Guitarfetish singe coils, especially the strat non-staggered greybottoms and the vintage set with a non-RWRP middle pickup. They do a Tele neck PU with big fat pole pieces that can sound amazing with mild overdrive. The Humbuckers they do are less inspiring, though I'd like to try a set of retrotron types and also their new Tiesco-style pickups.

I put a set of those Duncan Vintage Stacks in my Strat. all the tone of the classic single coils with the power and noise canceling of a stacked 'bucker. They replaced the Lace Sensors I've had in there since the '80s . Really like the tone.

But, my new dilemma is that a friend gave me a foto flame Tele, needs a little work...but I've been wanting a Tele for some time now. A bunch of my students have them and I'm becoming a convert from my Strat. I feel a little weird going over to the tele camp...but tI'm just really diggin' the tone of those right now.

I've also been on the lookout for a smaller amp. As much as I like my Boogie Mark IV, a 96 lb. 1x12 combo is just too much amp to be lugging around. I'm tempted by the new Boogie Mark 5:25...but I've played a Traynor I quite liked too.

Fotoflame, MIJ? It may be the best tele you lay hands on. My first strat was MIJ, and it's still my number 1 despite owning more expensive guitars crafted in different countries. Come to think of it, all my best guitars are MIJ, whether strat, Les Paul or something else.

There's more good amps about now than you can shake a stick at - you just need to know the tone you want. But a Boogie MkIV is a great amp, though I don't blame you for not wanting to lug it around! I stopped using an AC30 for similar reasons.

Yes Fotoflame MIJ. It is a nice axe. Probably one of the best feeling necks of all my Fenders. I also have a very nice MIJ Ibanez RG560 I bought new in 1987, then sold to a buddy who then traded it in at the local music store years later where I saw it and bought it back. Should shave saved myself the headache and just kept it. Amazing instrument - though it can scare people when they see the Floyd Rose :-)

After 26 years of playing Boogies I know the sound I like is a Boogie Mark series (never quite warmed up to the Rectos). Though, half the fun is the search...I like trying out all the new stuff I can get my hands on. Just earlier tonight I played a Hughes & Kettner 15 watt mini stack. Very nice amp. Very close to a Boogie in tone and responsiveness. 

Good evening gentlemen (well, it's evening in Blighty).  Good to see Greg & I aren't the only 'leccy players still here. :)


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