I was reading through a lead sheet for electric guitar when I came across the following phrase above the staff:  Add clean elec guitar diamonds. "Guitar diamonds"? Anyone have any ideas? I've been playing electric, acoustic, classical for 30 years - got no idea what they're talking about. Harmonics, maybe? If anyone wants to jump in on the general topic of each generation thinking they've figured out something new, and calling it something different to sell lesson materials, go right ahead - "chicken picking" for example. I just call it tirando. Tirando, apoyando, rasgueado, tambor: All old techniques that seem to gather new names because they don't sound quite as cool the old way, I guess. What are guitar diamonds? Anyone?

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Black diamond strings?

Like diamonds and rust"

Like diamonds on the soles of her shoes?

Chicken picking = tirando? There is a similarity, but it's different. Hence the different name.

Tirando? Is that something you do with your pulgar?

Maybe a guitar diamond is what you get when you burn the guitar down to charcoal, then squeeze it really, really hard at high temperature until all the carbon atoms link as tetrahedrons.

No! No!

CA guitars are pretty decent sounding. Still not wood though.

I recently talked to a local guy who's fairly high up in the musical food chain - he does a lot of recording for folks and gigs around the country - and he plays through an Axe-Fx and loves it. However, he readily admitted that it's not a true replacement for a good tube amp and that you can tell the difference. He's actually starting to like the Fractal better because it's got a much wider spectrum and sounds more "hi-fi" to him. 

Guitar Diamond - the little inlays on some fretboards? A special guitar that was built for Elvis - diamond studded? A new kind of pick? A diamond pendant that's shaped like a guitar?

I like Bulgar...

I don't think you missed either way. I started with folk style and then learned to read music. I've still never seen that. But I have confirmed your find. I've never felt the need to do what notation tells me anyhow. The point of not reading notation is that you don't have to copy the original recording. But whatever, at least I know what this is about. Whew, that was quite a journey. 


Glad to see you found what it means and that will help me because I only strum, no lead yet.

As I was reading before I saw the answer my answer was going to be play a guitar with Diamond inlays on the fretboard, I have two like that!!!!!!


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