Hey all;
I'm wanting to find out favorite guitars, gear and toys.

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I find that I enjoy pedals that are a little....odd. I like some of the crazy sequencer-oriented guitar effects pedals produced by Z. Vex - like the Ooh Wah, Tremorama, or the theremin-type controls of their wah pedal (the wah probe). They're great for using with other pedals and techniques to create some cool textures.
With E-gtr @ church I just use a Gt-3 multi-effects pedal directly into the soundboard - it's simple. We have those Aviom in ear monitors so I can always hear myself. The sound techs could easily control the mix because there is no sound from the stage because I skip the amp altogether. I also have a POD Xt live floor board - (which I'm using @ home to get comfortable with) but I don't have it as dialed in as the GT-3. I'll probably switch the GT-3 out one day. However I may use it until it breaks because its so reliable and versatile.
I've got alot of simple stuff at home and at church. I play an Ibanez SG and use a Crate power Block w/ Kustom speaker (75 wts), but our sound guy won't plug me in or has me wayyyy down. At home I've got a Dean Red Rocket that looks just like a Gibson SG and a Spider Amp 125. Varous toys;
Ibanez Tube Screamer( WAY COOL), Line 6 Pocket Pod (not too thrilled about) and a couple effects pedals RP50 and a 606 ZOOM. For strings I use BB King heavy gauge.
For my setup i am Switchin Between 2 Guitars, My first and most preferred, A Fender American VG strat which is a sweet piece of gear, lets me switch guitar models and tunings with the flick of a switch and it also plays like a dream. For the heavier songs a Gibson Les Paul Standard finds its way into my hands. I am running through a Line 6 M13 stompbox modeler which also totally rocks, its like The Edge from U2 in a box and i highly recommend it for its easy operation and tonal qualities(I gave up a whole pedal board of quality effects for this and i don't regret it at all). I run it all through a Vox 100 watt Valvetronix head and a vintage 4x12 Vox Cab. On the stompbox modeler i am running 2 delays one a light 8th note and the other a heavier quarter or dotted 8th digital with mod, i run a tubescreamer for the boost and a Octo reverb which gives the angelic ring to my tone, I have it set up to one tap switch which lets me tap in the tempo quick to all effects. I will also be starting to program as well, I will be running a M-Audio Axiom 61 Key controller into My Mac Book which is running Reason 4 for all my synths which then runs into Ableton Live 7 for all the sequencing, click, and loop setup. All the sound from there gets fired into a Line 6 Tonport interface which then runs to house sound.
Welp, I've already mentioned my electric guitars and church setup. I also have other pedals and amps lying around the house.

Dunlop Vox wah
Hughes and Kettner Tube Rotosphere - a great pedal if you're looking for that Leslie sound
Foxrox Captain Coconut 2 - just about all the toys you need to sound like Jimi
Visual Sound Jekyll and Hyde

Rack stuff:
ADA MP-1 and MP-2 midi preamps - they don't get used much these days

Marshall 1987X RI plexi 50 W with greenback-loaded 1960 A cab - too loud and heavy for church
Fender Blues Jr. - a great little amp
Vox AD30VT - a great 30 W modelling amp

Boss BR-1180CD mutli-track recorder

There's more but I'd bore you to tears. ;-)
Hi Michael,

I think you might dig the BBE Soul Vibe. I contemplated buying one of these once, but the place I was in had a great deal on the Z.Vex Wah Probe and I ended up with that instead. Anyway, it was a cool uni-vibe effect at a reasonable price... : )
Boss CS3 compressor, to Behringer Tube pedal, Ibanez Tube Screamer, DOD compressor/overdrive, Behringer multieffect pedal, and then Art Tube pre, then into Line 6 Spider mic'd with ATM 25.

I am getting old and leave my rack mounted stuff in the studio, along with a couple of Tube amps made by "Acoustic" in the late 70s. I used to use a digitech 2101 with different tubes, live, but I got tired of carrying everything. I live with the current pedal setup, because it also works for acoustic guitar. Leave the Tube screamer on Min. distortion and it sounds great for acoustic leads.
I played my old custom Les Paul last Sunday and I am sore from holding it...ha I usually play a cheap Jackson Charvel.
I usually play the line 6 clean...(isn't that a waste) and use the screamer or Behringer for distortion. That old DOD compressor adds some nice overdrive to the sound...it is an old compressor and you can hear the noise...smile.
Funny thing is, my 10 year old son has an old Crate amp that has horrible distortion, but a nice clean channel. I may try that puppy out and give him my new Line 6...since it isn't a mind blowing clean channel amp. The kids I lead worship for listen to Guitar Hero in their free time and seem to like old fashion rock guitar sounds.
Jeff L.
Jeff L , sometimes the old stuff is way better than the new.
Has anybody ever played with texas special pickups. I am thinking about buying some for my strat.....
I know this is an older post, but if you haven't purchased the texas specials, you need to know a couple of things about them. They can be quite noisy because they're hot, but that's also what gives them their awesome tone. If you either play the neck middle combination or bridge middle combination because of the reverse polarity on them it will reduce the noise but also alter the tone. You can also roll back the volume level to about 7 and that will reduce the noise without changing the tone too much. Sorry this took so long to reply to.

Never tried em'.
I purchased 2 Greg Kinman pick ups for my Strat. (American/Vintage)
Neck/middle.....they are excellent, vertical humbuckers, well made.
Crisp, clean, smooth tonality..match up well (impedance/capacitance)
Just the right gauss, string vibes are not minimized.
Kinman got into a legal battle with D'Marzio..patent infringements.
Kinman claims they "stole" his design, they claim visa-versa.
Either way, they are made in Australia, and can be bought USofA.
My bridge has a standard SD Humbucker, with half tap.
Check out what Nashville picker's use, they know what is hot.
Seymor Duncan, D'Marzio IMHO, are box store items, "real" quality cost $$.
I have several guitars but my favorite is my Godin LGXT it is a 3 voice guitar meaning it has and peizo bridge pickup, two seymour duncan humbuckers with a 5way switch, it also has a synth pickup on it that I use with a Roland GR 20. Our church is quite small so I don't use an amp I play through a Korg toneworks AX1500. It works well for what I use. The GR 20 is handy if you want to add a flute sound or maybe sax, very versatile. Any questions about any of these products drop me a line. Thanks


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