Hey, everyone. I'm new here, but I love this website! I lead worship for our church's youth group and I play in the church praise band. In the praise band, I always play electric and sing harmony, but I seem to have found that when I lead the group for the youth, it's much easier and more natural to stick with acoustic rhythm. I'm the only electric player in the praise band, so I have to cover everything from rhythm to leads, and I sometimes find it hard to focus on singing and actually leading worship rather than just playing well. I wish I could use electric more easily in leading worship, but acoustic is really my strong suit. Are there any electric players here who understand my dilemma? Any tips or advice that you could give in this area would be greatly appreciated!

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I play electric only if I have a bass and drums, otherwise I use a flattop. That said, I use both in the band (leaning toward electric, ala Tommy Walker & Chris Falson). But, it's really a matter of how you're inspired to lead. You'd be better off leading on flattop if you could do it 'in the Spirit' rather than fumbling through an electric set because everyone else "wants to rock!". Work on strengthening your weaknesses during practice sessions, and keep on course to worship when leading worship. Eventually you'll become strong on each. Then... you'll be asked to lead while playing bass or drums! :D


Rocky Jones


I've not been playing bass all that long, but I'm starting to wonder if I might get a chance to lead using it.



I also play bass, and have lead worship playing bass. It's not the same if you do any kind of subtle picking while you or someone else is talking/praying. I prefer to lead worship on guitar. I do sing lead and play bass in a classic rock, band. In that instance, there is nothing wrong with it.

Lead how it feels right. 

I think too many electric guitar guys are afraid to strip the distortion off and let the guitar shimmer, if you have a nice clean tone, the congregation won't react any differently than they would to an acoustic. If you are trying to lead with a bunch of dirt on all the time, it could mess things up.


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