If you visited a website that built custom electric guitars for worshippers what features would you like to see and what would you want to buy?

My preference for electric guitars are Stratocasters, but I am interested to see what people want. Would you like to have a strat for example built to your own specifications and how would you like to be able to order that from a website, are there any extras you would like to buy as standard with the guitar such as a case etc.

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Nothing special beyond what non-worshipers need. Fact is, the best guitars for worship are also the best guitars for everyone else. Unless there is some special thing about worship guitars that makes them stand out for the task, I'm inclined to stick with Fender/Gibson etc. The word "custom" conjures up high cost and long wait times, something I can get in several places. 

Here's a perfect example of a dream instrument for me:


Beautifully finished, a dream to play, made in USA.

Why do you ask? It sounds like you might be trying to start something up...

Like Stevo said, good guitars are good guitars. I'd like a strat that played like a really good strat, but also had a piezo bridge pickup - not like my Godin, which lacks dynamics and any kind of response when you dig in. That would be useful where it's necessary to swap between electric and acoustic, but that's about it.

Can you get an after market kind of pickup like that that doesn't interfere with the authentic strat sound?

There's a couple about that should be fine - I actually have a Fishman unit tucked away - and there's also the ghost/FAA system.

As for not changing the tone, well, that will always be debatable, because some strat tone in in the saddles and trem, and the piezo types use a cast saddle with high mass, plus there is some damping from the piezo element and different trem block materials. Swapping from a modern 2 point trem with cast saddles shouldn't cause any tonal alteration, but swapping from a vintage trem with a specific block would likely reduce snap and twang and result in apparent compression. I'd be interested to try a non-piezo equipped Godin to see if it's the piezo bridge that's sucked the dynamics out of that guitar. In particular the bottom E and A string lack detail and sound rubbery.

Something that strays away from the norm would be nice. Take Nigel Hendroff's example and this is JUST an example.. Nigel Hendroff (famed guitarist of Hillsong) is now back to playing a mexican made red fiesta Fender Strat because when people saw him playing the Dusenburg StarPlayer TV, many went out to buy one to copy his tone so he went back to something that everyone wouldn't think he would use & that's what he played when he came to my church :)

I've always liked using different guitars for worship, whether Flying V, Dean Z, Washburn A20 or even a plastic Switch guitar in green metalflake. Mostly not had to worry about people going out and buying the same guitars to copy my tone though.

I order all my guitars from Carvin(they use scripture in their adds) and get the options I want for each guitar. I odered a kit two years ago and added feature you can't get on you average guitar, a bridge on switch, makes for 11 pickup positions instead of the normal 5. Then I always get the trus cover engraved with a scripture that God give me for that guitar. This way I can get, which I have, a thinline accoustic that plays like an electric with a walnut top for alot less than any other thinline I have seen and imho a much better guitar.

I think Carver is an exemplary enterprise in that respect. Chrstian or not, the factory direct and custom concept is an excellent idea. Lower overhead, top quality and I hear they have great customer service. And oh yea, I think you get more for your money. I don't currently own one, but I totally 2nd the notion.

We use some of their pro audio stuff for the sound syatem also, and it is just as good of quality as their guitars, all around great comp. to work with.

I've had a number of  guitars and yes I would love a custom one. 

I think I would like the time and the skills to make my own guitar. One thing I would like on it is the volume/tone controls contoured in to the body in the strat positions so that you can still "violin/swell" yet not catch the control when strumming.


 Though it made me think,  when I heard a friend in a music shop yesterday playing a cheap Puretone acoustic he sounded very similar to him playing his Taylor or Garrison.


Whatever we have, do we thank God we have an instrument with which to worship.

Amen to that feature!

As to the last point, we can dream. But it can quickly become idolatry.

If you find you hit the strat volume control while playing then maybe you should try a 2 knob pickguard.

And for the last point, I'm very grateful for the amazing gear I've been able to own and use over the last 30 years.


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