Greg - Yes, yes it is.

What's chime? Think Byrds, think Pretenders, both users of chime by the bucketful. When you hear a worship song described as having chime, if you can't relate it to the classic sound of either band then you know the describer has a forked tongue or cloth ears.

As you said, this is the tone that many Marshall players work hard to eliminate, and rightly so if they want those kind of drive tones, even though a clean early Marshall valve amp will give quite a nice chime since they're based on a Fender or WEM circuit.

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If I hear another Christian song with that overused and uncreative sound, I'm going to puke. "Here we go, it's another Christian song". "Here we go, it's..."

How about some nice gutsy Vibrolux Reverb tones ala Keef, or some Americana like James McMurtry. Dig?

It's interesting where the "chime" comes from. Byrds was 12 string Ricks, Pretenders was Strats and Teles with chorus. Some chime with Pretenders, but really, the chime award goes to the Byrds. Pretenders used a lot of  twang.

And yes, I think there's plenty of chime in the Mojave Plexi 45 - chimey and clean. wonderful amp:

OK, a couple of thoughts:

1) Chime and jangle aren't the same thing, though there is some overlap, hence my citation of The Pretenders having chime (& BTW in all the videos I saw JHS was playing either a Danelectro or a Zemaitis Les Paul type). IMO jangle is as much the effect of pairs of strings, phase cancellation and parallel compression (specifically with some Byrds tones).

2) Some Shadows (as another example) numbers have a fair bit of chime too, but not jangle, depending partly on the volume levels used with their AC30s. Marvin has warned that people trying to cop their sound often use the bridge pickup and end up too thin and bright - for the bell-like tones of Wonderful Land you need a middle PU.

3) Chime should be a 'bell-like' sound, and is a mixture of frequency and attack style. Single coil equipped guitars should generally be able to pull it off, but it's harder with buckers because the attack and frequency spread seems different. Some guitars also possess a sharp attack and drop off, while others (like my Godin) seem to have very little attack, sounding almost as though they are running through a compressor.

4) It will be amp/speaker dependent too. A danger with Celestions is that they can have a VERY sharp-edged attack which encourages reducing the treble to reduce the sting, and that can also make notes a bit dull. Sparkle should be exciting without driving ice-picks into your ears.

For a bit of fun, and because I'm not playing much, I dragged out my old Ceriatone 18watt trem clone last night. It's got a 70s 20W greenback fitted, and on the trem channel it very definitely does chime with a strat. Almost every time I get this amp out I'm amazed at the sheer loveliness of the tone, and just wish it was a bit lighter & easier to cart around. Ran a strat through a Danelectro cool cat transparent overdrive, and with the gain set fairly high and the tone to be neutral it was just like the amp's basic clean tone but more. The TO is a 2nd version, but it still works really well at just bringing in a bit of drive without colouring up the basic (good) tone. I probably have 'better' pedals but this works really well.

Aren't you starting to describe twang? Tele or Gretsch into a Bassman usually gets you there. (Especially a Blonde Bassman.)

Tom Hamilton (Aerosmith)... a blonde bass-man

He he he. You didn't just say that...clever!

I grew-up drawing the Draw The Line album cover on people's jean-jackets!

Milk Cow Blues. Incredible groove in that song.

I used to have the 1978 Live Texxas Jam video of Aerosmith's whole set.  The Nuge plays with them on Milk Cow Blues.

Sadly, I can't find that one on Wolfgang's Vault.

Agreed - chime and jangle are different. Maybe jangle is the Birds. However, twang is another descriptor that needs to be brought out as the Pretenders used a lot of that too. Funny thing, the only thing I ever saw JHS playing in pictures is a Strat. Then I look again today and I see the Zemaitis. Ha ha, I didn't follow them all that much.

Scrub all my comments - I've just been back and listened to the shadows again - they're definitely twang!


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