I've observed that no new posts have been made here on the electric guitar board for many months. Has everyone switched over to banjo? Did I say something offensive? Perhaps I smell? Bad breath? I know there's a few of us that kind of kept the discussions going for a while, and I made some rather pointless updates and posts just to keep the noise level up. Is anyone still using electric guitar anymore? Or has it just become another "ho hum, it's another guitar driven song" kind of thing for you? I'm still doing pretty much the same thing instrumentally at church as I did three or more years ago, just that occasionally I play elsewhere on weeknights trying to keep skills that white suburban church music seems determined to kill off. Anyone? Anyone?

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I'm still here - but noticed overall the board has been quiet lately.

I'll share my latest revelation. After years of being a "strat guy" I pulled out an old Washburn HB-35S from my closet (335 style) and had this feeling that I've been missing something. I never thought I'd be a humbucker guy, but I am getting tones out of this guitar that are just making me smile for hours. Though, playing it through my Boogie Mark IV doesn't hurt :-)

Only downside is the weight - man is it a heavy guitar (when compared to a strat at least). I played it the other night with my band at a gig and my shoulder was tired at the end of the night. But I'm really digging the tone so much I may just deal with it (and find a nice padded strap to help).

I'm still using electric guitar and solos.  I don't get on here and post/reply much just bc I am usually busier than a one-armed paper hanger.  But at least as far as I'm concerned, my electric guitar is here to stay.  I play stuff like Ricardo Sanchez, Jesus Culture, Jason Upton, BJ Putnam etc..  I can't even picture banjo in worship music... at least not any I could get into. lol

There's some banjo on Paul Baloche's The Same Love album (I think the track is King of heaven) if you want to hear that kind of thing.

Greg - I just got bored with the forum. There were about 3 of us that kept talking, but then Stevo went away, and it's hard to sustain with just 2. I've been playing acoustic entirely, because that's what works right now, and even when I used my Godin xtSA it's using the acoustic pickup.

In a couple of weeks I change churches, and then might start playing some guitar again. Or maybe not - I need time to heal, to find God in a new place, to restore somewhat, and it may be that I don't do the worship thing like that any more. We'll have to see.

Loneliness is a state of mind.

Yes, but I'm still really a bassist ;-)

We will probably have a power cut this sunday, so I'm playing an all-acoustic service. Acoustic guitar has ONE advantage over electric.


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