To get started, I totally know and respect the reason for the season. I deliberated for a few days about starting a 'gifts' thread on this forum... but I think we should celebrate the thoughful items we received this year, so hear goes!

My lovely wife got me a very nice surprise. When we saw the Acoustasonic Tele at the NAMM show in Anaheim last year, I knew I had found an instrument that would allow me to take my worship leading to a new level. I am not, however, the type of person who just runs around buying new stuff. I research the options and deliberate for months and months before making a purchase like this.

It's been a year since the NAMM show, (in January) and I now have the guitar I've been dreaming of! This means that I will not need to worry about bringing two guitars on Sunday, and wiring everything through an A/B switch and all that (to make it easier on the sound person). I can have the acoustic and electric sounds I need/want right at my fingertips and ready to go! I will talk to the soundperson about running two channels (so that I can run the acoustic and electric at the same time) on the board (we've got plenty of channels to spare) I am so very stoked!

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You need to read more marketing literature, then you'll be convinced.
Ah - Marshall.
I played with a guy named Marshall once, he had a nice amp but it was just Black, so it didn't sound as good as I expected it to...
Well, I plugged it in for the first time (for real - through a PA for the acoustic and amp for the electric instead of at home or through headphones...) on Sunday. Oh My! The acoustic sound cut through very nicely ( the acoustic images do make a nice pleasing sound that was not just a peizo sound) and I had the electric through a Marshall type rig with a tube screamer warming up the front end and I had a nice delay going on it. I mixed the electric a little lower overall, so the acoustic was driving. One song I cut the delay and mixed the electric hotter to take the lead and a few times I slipped it to just one sound or the other. I cannot express how happy I am with this axe! Sound clips to come!


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