Just picked up an Orange Dual Terror 30 watt head to replace my vintage Ampeg.  I have been very pleased with the sound so far.  The tone is rich and versatile with alot of power and it cuts through the mix well.  It's also extremely light and portable.  My biggest hurdle with the ampeg was the amount of volume required to get it to sound really good.  The 30 watt rating on the orange is musch easier to manage and gets great tone at lower volume.

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Glad you're enjoying it. The smaller Oranges do have a good rep for tone, and are so much easier to carry than a traditional head.

Update.  The orange head is gone.  I upgraded to the ORange TH-30 combo.  True 2 channel amp with a tube driven effects loop.  It sounds killer.  Loudest 30 watts I have ever heard.  Clean channel is powerful with great note bloom.  The dirty channel has gain to spare.  I don't even need a drive pedal.  A compressor gives all the saturated lead tone and sustain neccessary.  I highly recommend this amp to anyone who is looking.  A little heavier on the wallet than the fenders but alot less than its larger siblings.

I am jealous - truly.

Further update.  I have integrated the digital from my POD with the amp.  I am definitely loving my tone right now.  All the real tone comes from the amp and effects and additional compression and drive from the pedal.  If I had the cash I would construct a pedal board but I don't which is why I have a POD in the first place.


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