Been playing quite a bit of praise music lately with drone and pedal notes up high. Been listening to quite a bit of CCM radio containing same. So, I noticed my guitar has these three fatter strings with windings on them. What are those for? :\

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Manhasset.  Man has set before thee his creations, and thou hast supported them and not wobbled.

what type of MUSIC do you play in church?...just curious.

Now you put that old Lanny Wolfe (or was it Bill Gaither) into my head -

Ah keep fallin' in love with Him over and over and over and over again...

Those psychologists with them ten-dollar words.  Why don't they just call their article Fixing Mondegreens?

That picture is as beautiful as it is ambiguous.  Yes, the mondegreen is an unintended ambiguity, like the song I wrote whose first line went, "Let us come, for the Father loves His children."  Let us come = Lettuce scum.  The first three words were actually clipped, almost staccato, since it was a Jewish-style song; but when printed as the title, you couldn't say it without the mondegreen.

Played guitar synth last night. Man, you should have heard the glory of those swelling strings, the modulation in that atmospheric patch and the delicacy of the replicated tin whistle.


I'm starting to enjoy playing bass - it's a bit like playing a tele, but without all the sparkle and shimmer to hide bad technique behind. Four strings and the truth. ;-)

Well, I do have one of those too, but it doesn't have any frets and it lies all the time.


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