Can’t decide between Yamaha MOXF, Korg KROME or Roland FA-06

Hi! Need help here guys.

I am currently using Roland Juno Stage with church’s RD300SX to play in our worship team. I feel that Juno Stage is lacking in pad sounds similar to Hillsong stuffs. I know I can’t match it with just one keyboard but at least I want to have something that comes close and tweakable. The rest of the sounds in Juno Stage are great but majority that we play at church requires pad sounds especially in a full band setting and during transitions and soaking time.

Can I kindly get your suggestion on which one to choose among the Three: Yamaha MOXF, Korg KROME or Roland FA-06.

Thanks for your time and effort.

God bless everyone!

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EE, It's been 12 months and no reply's, what did you finally decide ( if you have)? If you need to rely on a keyboard to play pads etc instead of any other instruments , I think the MOXF is easy to get to understand and use; that would have been my pick of the three.



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