Well, mostly just to see if we can get anything going in here again, here's a song I wrote about three years back, based loosely on Pslam 76.  I don't think this is one of my better ones, which means I'll be more willing than usual to make changes here and there.  What does anybody think?  Up to and including fixing the title so it actually matches some portion of the lyric :-)

As before, I suppose my main question would be... if you were a worship leader with authority to bring "unpublished" songs to use with your band, would you consider this one?  If not, why not?  If you'd be interested in doing something modified from this, would love to hear what you'd do with it, as well.

The highest mountains / cannot compare

To your glory, Lord / to your glory

The deepest oceans / cannot compare

To your glory, Lord. To your glory

Your name, O Lord, it is / great in this land

Mighty in power / above all you stand

Whatever deeds we do,

They are nothing compared to you.  (chorus)

The earth trembles / when you speak

You punish wickedness / you help the weak

Whatever songs we sing,

They are just a silent offering.  (chorus twice)

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Hey Charles! I think you have a good start here, but you could work further on it in my opinion. The song needs a bridge. Just a simple bridge that you could sit on for a bit and just worship. The music has a bit of a dated feel, but that's probably coming mostly from that organ sound. That's just personal preference though. :) Thanks for sharing your song! I'd love to hear a bit of a revamp with a bridge if you did one.

I am going to work on this, just a lot of other things going on.

Okay, I've got a bridge and will start getting some music on media in the next day or two.

I realized something about this song while I was looking at Psalm 76 to see if there was a bridge in there or not... it's not exactly one of those songs that inspires a "praise and worship" kinda song - the stuff that's in the chorus ("the highest mountains...") is pretty much the main positive upbeat message.

I think what happened was that - I have a pretty extensive database / archive of all the songs I've written, and every now and then I make a list of some of the Psalms I have never used for a song, and then go see what I can squeeze out of those songs.  There are only four songs in CCLI based on Psalm 76, and I think two of those are translations of the first two!  I don't really expect to finish it in my lifetime, but I have this background project of someday recording songs based on all 150 of the Psalms.  I think it'll be an 8-CD set or something.  Got the first 16 recorded so far...

Anyway, I'll be working on a new recording, stay tuned...

Okay, finally, here's a new recording, adding a (short) bridge per Nathan's suggestion.  I lowered the key a bit in hopes of being able to do some backing vocals above the chorus melody - got one done, may do more sometime.  I made a few lyric tweaks (referring to "the songs we sing" as "a silent offering" wasn't working) and added that bridge.  I tried to work the bridge so that one could go back around and sit on the bridge for a bit (I did it with a little lead guitar here) or go back into the chorus...I like that little countermelody that is over the intro, but I tried a different keyboard sound.

This is a polished version of my first mix - there may be a little bit of compressor pumping going on, but the song is there... drums by Band In a Box, all the other instruments and vocals are mine. 

As noted earlier, this is based (loosely) on Psalm 76, which is one of those psalms that doesn't exactly offer a lot of "worship song" content, but I found a central idea and went from there.  I realize that the title "Compares to You" doesn't appear in the lyric, but that's what I want to call it :-)  Comments welcome!

The highest mountains cannot compare / toYour glory, Lord, to Your glory
The deepest oceans cannot compare / to Your glory, Lord, to Your glory.

Your name O Lord, it is great in this land
Mighty in power, above all You stand
Whatever deeds we do
We are nothing compared to You   (chorus)

The earth, it trembles, when You speak
You punish wickedness but you raise up the weak
Whatever gifts we bring
They are just our silent offering.

None of mine enemies can lift a hand against me now
For I have put my faith in You to deliver me somehow.

(chorus - outro)



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