Original written in 2008, recently re-recorded for a "psalmody" project I'm starting on.  Based loosely on (or maybe just "inspired by parts of" Psalm 11.

Most useful feedback would be... assuming you get to choose the songs your worship band does, is this one you would consider doing?  And if not, why not?

God's chosen ones shall see God's face
See Him seated on a heavenly throne
Watching from the holy temple
Watching over His own.  

For the Lord is righteous (3x)

And the evil ones shall not prosper
'Cause God holds the future in his hands
The ways of God are a mystery
They will never understand.  (chorus)  

And in the Lord all may take refuge (2x)  

(some lead guitar and some repeated stuff)

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Thank you, Kevin :-)  You're not committing to actually using it, but for me, that's what tells me if it works as a worship song or not, so I appreciate that feedback, and I'm glad to know the songwriting "group" is working!


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