Hi all, here's a new song I've been working on recently.


There are giants in this land that must be slain
There are walls surrounding that must give way
There are chains that bind us but they will break
When we call on Your name

There are mountains to move that are in our way
There are storms coming so we must pray
There are strongholds around us but they will break
When we call on Your name
Yes we call on Your name

There is power in the name of Jesus x6
Jesus, Jesus

Any thoughts, comments or ideas would be appreciated.

All the best,


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I really enjoyed your song!  To offer constructive comments- the chorus is a little repetitive, but the rhythm and melody are really catchy.  I had a hard time understanding some of the words as I was listening in the verses.  But- I think you have a great voice!  I listened to the second song as well, and I loved the words and the piano.  Keep singing praises to Him!  

Hi Julie, thank you for your comments. The chorus is the bit I've had most trouble with and I agree with you, it is a bit too repetitive. I think I might have to leave this one alone for a while and come back to it afresh at a later date. All the best. J

Power in the Name of Jesus.... Indeed I Like it

This song has a great feel and would be a great opening to a worship set.

I like the song. I agree with Julie and yourself that the chorus is repetitive, but in some ways that's okay for an opening, as Lewis suggested. I like the motion.

To me, lyric-wise, the "there...when" pattern seems a little odd to say/sing. While, of course, true statement, "when" doesn't really connect the obstacles with the solution, which is what I think your verses are supposed to thematically do (which is great, by the way). Anyway, all that to say that I'd change "when" to "so." That's all.

Like Julie, I think your chorus is really catchy, so if I had to change it in an attempt to reduce repetitiveness I would only change the lyrics- I'd probably switch out the 2nd "there is power in the name of Jesus" out of each group of 3. I don't have any ideas off the top of my head, the first one that came to mind was "to break every chain that binds us" but I realized quickly that I stole it from Break Every Chain. If possible, I'd want a line that says that/how Jesus and/or his name aids us in facing the challenges listed in the verse.

Great song, I love your other stuff to!

Hey Roscoe, thank you for your comments, maybe I'll have a play with it again...

I really like your song - it's catchy and fresh, so good job! I agree with the others who have commented on the repetitiveness of the chorus, so I won't say anything about that. One thing that I picked up (but it might just be me) is that for some reason the rhythm of the words in the first verse is different to the rhythm in the second verse (compare "there are giants in this land that must be slain" and "there are mountains to move that are in our way.") This bothered me a bit, but like I said, it could just be me! I found the second verse much easier to sing than the first one. The line "there are giants in this land that must be slain" comes quite fast and is a mouthful. In the context where I lead (which is not traditional or conservative), this would be a hard song to sing especially in terms of the verses. However, people might pick it up quickly because it is catchy, so I guess it depends on your context. It would also be cool if you wrote a bridge/tag for the song - something proclamatory would work and it would also help in making the song a bit longer.

Hope some of these thoughts are helpful! Keep up the good work! :)

this is strong Joe. really good.

I like your lyrics. It's a great start to a song. I have some advice that I would like to share with you. When I first started writing, I wrote lots of quick lyric songs with my guitar and I started singing my songs with a drum loop and put down the guitar. I was able to find ways to make my melody better and longer.. I was more patient and more creative. I hear a quick verse into a quick chorus..I believe that one of these should be stretched out a little. Now this is only an opinion. I like your song. Please do all of us a favor and keep writing songs! God bless man

Thanks Terry. It does have the feeling of almost good when I listen back! Patience is not one of my strong suits when it comes to writing songs, there are times when I spend some time re working and re shaping the original version but for the most part I write because that is what is on my heart at the time. Often the song writing releases this and my heart and head space are emptied to make room for the next question or challenge or reflection. It does mean I end up with a lot of 'almost' songs! Thank you for your feedback. Joe


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