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Beautiful song. Very melodic. My biggest suggestion would be that the chorus seems like it should go up in melodic range. The whole song stays in one range, though your melodies are still interesting enough given that restraint.

wow, beautiful. great production, vocal. thank you. 

Very nice, and I'll disagree with Cameron and say it's nice to have a worship song that does NOT have a huge vocal range - we're trying to get a congregation full of untrained singers to sing along and this seems like it would be very easy to learn.

I liked the music, the melody, the message very much.

There were a couple phrases that I might change in the English version - instead of "teach me how to talk", maybe "teach me what to say", just a couple things like that.  And, personally, I don't care for songs that refer to God as "Dad" or "Daddy," though I know there are lots of people who really like that.

Any objections if we tried this in our church, with maybe one or two little lyrical tweaks?  Is it covered by CCLI?


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