Here's a song I wrote called 'This Is Love'. This is how we show the love of the Lord...

Any feedback is welcome.

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Hey Rick!!  Wow, this is a really lovely song, full of meaning and inspiration. Well done indeed!! Keep it up!! :-)

Thanks Bob

Yet another enjoyable song. I will say that your chorus seems a little short (full of impact and good line) but short.

Thanks Terry

This is nice, I like this.  Would it be okay to try it out with our band at church?

One thought... in the verses, "you" refers to other Christians, but then in the chorus, "You" is God.  How would you feel about tweaking the verse so that it says "we" - "when we feed the poor," "when we love someone" ?  This is kind of a pet peeve of mine... either that, or "like God" at the end of the chorus, but I think the other way would be a better fix...

Thanks Charles, please feel free to try it with your band. Let me know how it goes. And yes I understand where you want to tweak the words. Go for it.

Hey, Rick - we tried this out as our offertory special song last Sunday and we'll probably make it part of the active repertoire for a while.  Somebody even came up after the service and said they liked it!  Attached (if that works) is a recording of one of our rehearsals of the song before the service... just for the record, this is Sunday March 15, 2015 at Desert Foothills United Methodist Church in Phoenix Arizona.  Didn't have a drummer this week (which is why you can hear the vocals as well as you can), and, yes, that's a pedal steel guitar player on the song.  Recorded on a portable Tascam DR40 sitting across the room and polished up a bit (EQ and compression) for your listening pleasure.  You should be able to download the .mp3 for yourself, but if not, PM me your email and I'll send you a copy.


Hi Charles,

great listening to someone else singing one of my songs. 

So we did this one as a congregational song today, and while I can't say for sure how much participation we got (I actually sit facing away from the congregation), after the service, the pastor asked me where the song came from and he said he really liked it.

Loved the listen.


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