We still need more female singers for both lead and backing duties ...!

Music will include CCLI Top 50, some traditional hymns in modern styles and other hymns appropriate to specific events (Healing Services, Alpha, etc)

Currently rehearsing every month in Wokingham, Berkshire.

Age is not important, but note we are mostly 40-ish......

Please contact me if interested.

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I came across your blog and thought I would introduce ourselves to you.  I don't want to sound too much like an advert, however I feel we can really help where your Churches are growing  where you do not have a  full Worship Team.  Bob Stratton, my business Partner and Worship Leader,  identified the problems with creating and maintaining Worship teams through his own experiences so decided to try and find a solution to the problems and this resulted in the form of Fly! Worship.

We basically took musical tracks back to the recording studio and divided them into the individual instruments using musicians such as Matt Weeks, Paul Evans, Dan Wheeler and Paul Burton as Producer. The tracks have then been reassembled in our Flyworship software which is where the Worship Team assistance comes from.  Basically, if you say only had a guitarist and base player  you would remove these instruments from the track and Flyworship would take care of the rest of the band (all you need is a laptop and the foot pedal we supply). The sound is amazing as the tracks are recorded with little compression so the effect is very real compared to alternative recorded music, the songs all come in 3 keys so you have options for your vocalists. The amazing part about the player is that you are able to loop sections of the song and fade instruments whilst playing with the aid of the footswitch enabling the songs to have spontaneity and the ability to create a more intimate setting hopefully enhancing the quality of the Worship.

There are many advantages to Flyworship and rather than me “harping on” perhaps you might like to have a look at our website. We have just been producing some new videos with Brenton Brown and there are some existing ones with Mark James on our site www.flyworship.com


The software has been primarily been written to enhance and enable the congregation to enjoy a better quality worship, assist small teams, practising, boosting musicians confidence and very importantly play the Anthemic songs with a limited Worship Team  that may have been beyond them before!!

I hope this is an aid to you and I pray that I have not sounded too commercial






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