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Yes, it's me again. Every few months I start a discussion in the UK forum. Hello, fellow British Worship Leaders!


We are about to send in our CCLI return for the last year. Late apparently! :-) Anyway we have 250 individual titles on it. I was wondering how many your church sang/played last year. Less? More? We don't have an evening service, by the way.


Let's limit this discussion to UK WL's please. I'm interested in the picture here.


If you give your figures, do you want to break it down a bit more? Eh we have over 100 which were only played once, about 50 played twice and then a steep curve up to Praise is Rising played 11 times!


Do say how many services you have during the course of a week because that will obviously be a factor.


I realise that it may take some time for some of you to find this out, but I'd appreciate it if you could.


Thank you!


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Hi Dorothy - we have a database on our website listing all the songs we've sung in any given month. Thanks to Wulf Forrester Barker and Magnus his brother (our church administrator and a member of WTR).


Here's our top 9 for 2012 - ranked by the number on the far right which is how often we have sung them. The letter is the key:

Everyone needs compassion G 6
You are beautiful beyond description A 5
Praise is rising G 4
Open the eyes of my heart, Lord E 4
Faithful one D 4
The splendour of a king G 4
Come, now is the time to worship D 4
In Christ alone D 4
Give thanks to the Lord G 4

So, is that about 136 songs for the year? If I added them up correctly?


Our top was Praise is Rising at an incredible 11 times. Don't quite understand why! We didn't choose it once, which means one or two of the other WL's must have used it almost every time they were on the rota! LOL! Everyone Needs Compassion came joint second along with In Christ Alone.


Thanks for the information, James.



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