Hi everyone!


I've not visited for a while. I hope you are all well. This group seems to have been a bit quiet lately. My husband and I have been leading worship for the last few years but have stepped down from that for a while. We have loads of other stuff going on, so I probably won't miss it. At first, at least.


I've been encountering a lot of resistance to the term Worship Leader lately. Setting aside the obvious point that worship doesn't just occur during music (please let's not go back over that, it's something I KNOW!), is WL a term which is common in your area/tradition?


I'm asking this in the UK group because I want British responses. How is the term WL used in the UK now? Does everyone know what it means? Does everyone have the same understanding of what it means?


I'm starting a course run by the Baptist Union in Sept and from the look of the course materials, they obviously think that leading worship is the responsibility of what I'd call the Service Leader.



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We had just that experience this morning - minister introducing each song one by one, which felt completely unnecessary because he just repeated the lines from each song! Sometimes though, with the right M/C it can be just great. (PS We don't have anyone with the qualifications you talk about, but I know some in other churches who've been through it.)

Feeling like a grumpy old man today myself, after today's service!!

Yes, it's odd, isn't it, when people 'introduce a song' (not usually Worship Leaders, though) with the first few lines of the song. I've seen that too. I wonder why people feel the need to do that. Sometimes a good WL will highlight something about the song which we may not have noticed before or draw out a theme which links it with another part of the service or pray or something. That seems to me to be purposeful.
I have a friend who was a non musician (and also DJ, interestingly) who lead worship at times, and he was a great breath of fresh air - he's often choose stuff that was was much moire raucous or fun than many of the more 'musical' people would pick. He'd have fitted in well at lifesongs! But he did sing, pray and generally inspire, rather than just reading stuff out.

Yes, nothing much inspiring about announcing, 'And now we are going to sing, Be Thou My Vision'. We could tell that by looking at the projector screen. {sigh}


I think it's going to be a looooong hiatus for me whilst I'm not leading worship. I am trying so hard not to be critical, honestly...

Don't particularly like the "mini-preach before every song" style, and some musician worship leaders do this as much as the pastors and preachers of this world!

Yes, I don't much like lots of little mini sermons from anyone who happens to have hold of a mic, either! LOL!


To be honest, I am concerned about the balance of speech and other activities as much as anything else. Obviously, I invariably feel that there's not enough time for sung praise or response cos that's my worship language. Sometimes, I get weary from all the talking at me that people are doing and I'm just desperate to pour out my heart to God that way I am able to do that, through singing.


Other people need some sort of kinaesthetic opportunities, others learn from discussion (getting into groups to pray or talk about something).  We all have different needs.


But getting back to the role of the WL, it's clear from this thread that everyone has a different idea of what it is and what they are supposed to do. When I get to discuss this on the BU course, I'll be more prepared and won't assume everyone has the same understanding of what the shorthand term Worship Leader actually means.

Hi Dorothy

May you be blessed during this new season of your ministry. May you find joy in just worshiping Him, even when it's not to your taste or you feel frustrated because you are just dying to be up there!! The worship that you offer up which comes out of the deep place of sacrifice is truly a fragrant offering to God.



PS Have fun with the Baptist Union course!

Thank you, James.

At my present church, I've been asked to lead worship during August. As far as the rota goes, I'm down as "musician" and my role has various parts. In advance of a service, I'm pulling teams together, picking songs and advising whether songs suggested by other people involved with the service are feasible given the musicians available. During the service, I'm providing a musical and vocal lead for the songs, including links between songs for the block of two or three songs we have near the start of the service (the rest are generally announced by the person leading the service).


Am I a worship leader? That would clearly fit the kind of thing I am doing. In practice though, it is not the title that is important but the fact that I am using my skills, experience and gifts to contribute to the gathering of the congregation (those, at least, who aren't off on holiday). There is a kind of dance with other people leading parts of the service but it is about supporting and serving each other.



Hi Wolf,


So, your church doesn't have a role called 'Worship Leader', but 'Musician'? How do the other musicians feel about that? LOL!

I think it is generally understood as "musician taking responsibility for co-ordinating the musical aspects of the service". Mind you, with several of the team having extended summer holidays this year, it might be "musician (singular)" for the service on 28 August. Solo bass-tastic!



Hi Wulf, is that because your church has an objection to the term Worship Leader? I know some churches do.


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