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I've not visited for a while. I hope you are all well. This group seems to have been a bit quiet lately. My husband and I have been leading worship for the last few years but have stepped down from that for a while. We have loads of other stuff going on, so I probably won't miss it. At first, at least.


I've been encountering a lot of resistance to the term Worship Leader lately. Setting aside the obvious point that worship doesn't just occur during music (please let's not go back over that, it's something I KNOW!), is WL a term which is common in your area/tradition?


I'm asking this in the UK group because I want British responses. How is the term WL used in the UK now? Does everyone know what it means? Does everyone have the same understanding of what it means?


I'm starting a course run by the Baptist Union in Sept and from the look of the course materials, they obviously think that leading worship is the responsibility of what I'd call the Service Leader.



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Also, and separately, your use of the term worship band is interesting. I don't really know what that means. You mean like The Passion Band and Jesus Culture? There are dangers associated with that, for sure, but I'm not sure how that impacts on either the term of Worship Leader or the job of Worship Leading in church on Sundays.

Oh Dee, how you incite me to 'break' the 'rules'.




I'm going to stop at this point, and if we meet up FtF then we can continue the conversation (if I can remember it!).

Oh, sorry, are there rules? I hadn't thought of that, but it makes sense that there would be.



I couldn't possibly say that you have been guilty of anything Dorothy, I don't know you and niether have I seen you lead worship. I wasn't personalising my statements to that level.

I was speaking for myself in terms of what I've personally observed in others & also in myself.


I just believe that it is a good thing for use to have a regular check on our motives and to keep ourselves humble.

I can see from what you've written about your observations of others, the people you've seen are  different to the ones i've seen. I too, like you , love them all.


To share on a personal level for one moment, I was very badly hurt by my former church fellowship that jumped all over me when I became burnt out and unable to function either in an everyday sense or as a WL. Whilst at the same time condoning  bad attitudes and egos in other folk associated  with the music ministry in the church at that time.


Maybe that is the root of my current feelings on the subject up for discussion. I will however return to my original statement that ' I do feel that, in some small measure, the term WL is seen by some as a badge, or a validation , or a statement of being better than ' etc.

I certainly do not want to cast judgement on anyone other thn to say  we all would be wise to guard against bad attitudes or ego creeping into what we do at any level within the church.

God bless


Phil, I am with you on your post; being up front you can become the focus of attention. I am so grateful that our church music group play on the same level as the congregation, that is, not raised up on a platform, therefore we are more part of the congregation and are not drawing attention to ourselves.

 I just had a quick look at your profile page and saw a rather large image of yourself projected up on a screen, is it "that" when you refer to "thinking we are bigger and better than we are", although you probably had little control over what the camera operator pointed his camera at, or should we be questioning why have band video projection at all!

This isn't a poke at you, but what was the atmosphere that was trying to be achieved, was it worship or was it the U2 rock concert thing?

That photo was taken from a night of evangelism held in our local civic centre. The AV was done by an external company. I left the AV stuff up to them, I gave them a list of the songs and sorted out the music.

It was a large venue, so the screens were large too. The images on the screens alternated between myself & the other musicians, the guest speaker, standard shots of nature, space, stars, sky, people and other standard background graphics that seemed appropriate to the song or the 'moment' according to how it complimented the music and message.

It was a sucessful event in terms of people being led to Christ with also a tangible sense of the presence of God.

In truth, I wasn't aiming for either the 'U2 rock concert thing' or to create an atmosphere, I was just trying to do what I do when I lead worship and that is ( usually) just trying to get the chords/words right and not get in the way.

I certainly didn't give anyone a directive to make sure I was shown up on the screen up close & huge.

God Bless



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