Just need a little help to figure out how to come up with the effect that guitar had on Jeremy Camp's song, You're worthy of my praise"..It sounded to me like its been sliced-like a piece of cake!!yummm!I've indicated the time that the effect was used-in the discussion title above. I've been manually trying to replicate the effect but somehow fell short of PATIENCE...Does anyone ever came across with such brilliant idea how to replicate or tweak it? I know that's possible with garage band, ProTools? or REAPER?  I've attached the portion of the song-edited it.0_35 Piece of cake.mp3



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That might work,tho haven't tried it...I remember using a friend's LP way back and noticed that rapid switching the toggle creates a "clicking" noise especially in higher dist/gain. That's an observation. great piece of thoughts Greg!

I *think* what you're hearing is a very narrowly equalized signal - as if you took a graphic eq and pulled down all but one or two of the sliders. Then what you're hearing is that the guitar isn't actually being played - it was sampled and played back with a keyboard in spots (or an effect that sounds like that). And the final step is to add some very distorted and ragged delay repeat like you get in a really vintage analogue delay where the repeats get darker and more distorted as they go. That's what I'm hearing. I think if you want to replicate it manually, there is probably an effect for that. But short of that, Greg makes a good suggestion. The other question is whether or not it's worth the trouble. It doesn't strike me as something you would want to use often or en masse.

He might actually be using a Slicer:


Or a Chopper:


? It seems that you could make it work in that way if you stay in rhythm.

Back to basics baby...

Sounds to me like a delay is being switched on to catch the last part of the chord, but it could be a slicer, dicer or just someone being a bit of a chopper in the recording booth. To create it live I'd want to use a vintage-style delay (as already suggested) that was triggered by a momentary foot switch, if such a device exists.

From memory, the Rolling Stones used a somewhat similar effect but in reverse on Under Cover.

haven't heard the track you're talking about, but there is such a thing as a noise gate that uses a timed open/close rather than a threshold setting. Maybe it's just that? They've been around a long time. Not sure who even makes one anymore. Electro-Harmonix made on in the early '80s as did MXR.


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