It caused a bit of a stir over on Harmony Central. Basically it's a combination of fuzz-type overdrive and analogue-voiced delay in a single box. It can sound very 1980s and heavily colours guitar tone, but it does also sound *good* for doing singing sustaining lead lines and funky overdriven fills. There are some excellent vids on youtube too.

Some people have described it as EJ in a box, but I think of it more as the iDevice of stomp boxes - you get what you're given, it's designed not to require much ability & understanding, and if you like it then you'll love it.



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That's pretty cool - instant Eric Johnson tone - I can't resist calling it that. It's kind of that singing violin tone without being too Dumbly. I want one.

If you're willing to work at it, the tone can be replicated to a fair degree using an overdrive-style fuzz and an analogue delay: so a double muff would work, my cool cat fuzz works and my old coloursound fuzz would do it too in conjunction with a carbon copy delay, but it doesn't absolutely nail it (although with careful production & the same recording set up....). I've also heard more 'normal' yet decent players record it and it doesn't sound nearly so wonderful and much closer to my set up.

I could imagine this being the perfect secret weapon for a worship guitarist who doesn't want to use a modeller, but still wants a really easy & reliable tone of this type. It is apparently really easy to dial in, the guys at MP having kept the sweep on the controls within musical limits. You'll get a much wider range of tones with separate pedals, but lose the easy-going nature of this unit.


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