This is my favorite pedal right now. I just got this a few months ago, and in my opinion, it is the best pedal for ambient sounds! I use this with a Morley volume pedal, so that I could get rid of that initial strum (basically, I bring the volume pedal to the lowest point, strum, and gradually make the pedal rise so all you don't get the strum in the signal, with both pedals on), and I become a one man orchestra with this pedal. Absolutely beautiful and I highly recommend it! I personally like it way more than Octo effects. I also wish someone had told me about this pedal years ago. So I'm here sharing this demo with you guys. Enjoy! God bless!

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What is your favorite pedal right now? Did you say what it is?

Is it called Blue Sky Reverberator?

so sorry sHonGsTa, just saw what you were talking about..thanks! Wow!

Sorry about that! It's the Strymon Bluesky Reverberator. It's amazing! A lot of the older folk think electric guitar belongs to heavy metal and should be used seldomly during worship. But then I show them this and it changes their perceptions of electric guitar usage in worship in an instant! This is by far my favorite pedal! Hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much!

Sweet!  I've got the Boss Rv-2 on my board that does the same type of thing!

Pretty cool video of those two pedals side by side!

Nice! A fellow electric guitarist and another worship leader I know uses an RV-2 as well. We both actually like the Bluesky better because of the "shimmer" effect which wasn't used in the comparison video. But believe me, we share pedals a lot and we like to run both reverbs sometimes! Because of the fact that the Bluesky is brighter, and the RV-2 is a bit warmer, we like to run both to choose between whichever tone. Both are awesome reverbs!

Actually correction, we use the RV-5, not the 2

This kind of effect is possible with most decent delay pedals - I do something similar with a Carbon Copy set for long delay and several repeats. It can sound very synthy if you use distortion in front of the delay: I once had a keyboard player check his instrument settings because he though the sound I made came from his keyboard instead of my guitar.

Nice! I use my reverb with a delay too for sustained synthy sounds. I never thought about elongating the delay with a distortion. I'm gonna have to check that out sometime. Thanks Toni!

Ya I was using just my DD-7 for this on long delay using my VPjr volume pedal, works awesome! But I've been trying the RV-2 and DD-7 together lately and it works really good! I also run various other pedals before the Rv-2...Right now I've got a CE-5, GE-7. and a BBE Sonic Stomp ( might put my Trem pedal in there too?) in front of it. Also have a proco Rat and Sparkle drive that I use when needed (usually just Sparkle drive with very little drive, and the clean mix cranked up)

Yeah, I run a Sonic stomp too. I may pick up a GE-7 as well for more tone control. But awesome! I try not to be too boss heavy or heavy on one brand. It's just a personal thing, but awesome! Again, I love how synthy and ambient sounds can change the perceptions of electric guitar in worship. I always say that God's love is dynamic, therefore the act of showing God our love should be dynamic as well!


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