Hey, everyone! I've been listening to a lot of Lincoln Brewster's stuff recently, and I've noticed that he leans pretty heavily on nice tap-tempo delays for his supper cool, neato verse riffs. I've only ever been using multi-effects units since I started playing electric about a couple years ago, and I'm not 100% sure how to use real delay pedals with tap tempos.

So here's one question - do you just tap in the tempo of the song your playing right on the spot? I know one could run into serious trouble if you set up your delay time for one tempo beforehand and then your drummer pulls fast or drags the tempo.

Another question - what's a good delay pedal to use that has tap tempos and different types of delays? I've seen a friend use the green Line 6 delay unit, but he didn't explain its operation, and he didn't even use it that much that I'm aware of.

I have some nice delays that I like on my Digi Tech Rp350, but in order to turn it on or off, you have to use the expression pedal, or you have to line up two presets next to each other - one with delay and one without. I like to be able to use the expression pedal to control other perimeters like amp drive or on/off for a distortion box or effects box model.

Yeah, this is lengthy, but I just really want to learn all I can.

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Tap is a necessity. Most good pedals have tap tempo. Especially if you want to dotted-eighth note or other time-based delay techniques. Google "Edge U2 Dotted Eighth Note Delay" and you'll get a bunch of hits for this technique.

I have a Boss DD-3 and Line6 DL4. Love the DL4, it's great. Has a looper and 3 pre-sets. If you are going to buy a delay pedal, this is a good one. (I've also hear good things about the TC Electronics Nova Delay.)

However, these days I usually pre-program with my POD XT Live. I have a rough tempo programmed in, and then adjust on-the-fly during the song if necessary.
I have found the TC Electronic Nova Delay to be very performance-oriented. It not only has tap tempo, but also a feature where you can set the tempo by muting the pedal and plucking notes in time.

I have a Nova Delay and enjoy when the time to use it is right. : )
I Would Second this, the nova delay is awesome, i Use it and the Boss DD-20, i used to have the Green line 6 DL4, but got rid of it due to the usability of it and the tone.
I bought the Hardwire, but when I was looking at delays, I liked the TC Nova and kind of wish I had gotten it. It has some very usable features.
Personally, I love the Boss DD-20 Giga Delay Pedal. It is amazing and it's so versatile! Additionally, you do have the option of picking up a footswitch pedal for your tap-tempo, allowing you to switch through your four presets on your DD-20. These can run from about $40 and up, but I found out that you can actually use the sustain pedal from a keyboard (the removable ones from the cheaper Yamahas, etc.) and it has the necessary elements to work as an additional footswitch for a tap-tempo pedal. I don't have much personal experience with any of the other pedals listed above, but after researching them all and personally purchasing and working with the DD-20, I'm sold completely. Hope this helps! Dios le bendiga!
It seems like we're all great minds that think alike (or however that saying goes)!

I have a DD-5 and the DL4 and with the two of those you can get pretty much any delay sound you want. I leave the DD-5 on the dotted-eighth setting (so I can tap in quarters and get dotted-eighths out - much better than counting "ONE and two AND three and FOUR"). If you put the DD-5 (dotted 8ths) before the DL4 (quarters) in the effects chain, you can achieve those awesome Edge/Fee delay sounds that make the ladies go crazy!

On a side note, the TC Nova Delay has a setting which does this for you.

Another good one to check out is the Memory Boy Deluxe by Electro Harmonix.
I played a half a dozen Memory Boy Deluxe at Guitar Center and they were very noisy and seemed hurriedly constructed. But for sure a TC is nice.
I use the Line6 ToneCore Echo Park - Great, affordable pedal with lots of tonal options. There are better sounding pedals out there, but it has a ton of versatility for a decent price (I picked mine up on craigslist for $60.)
Anyone use the TC electronics flashback? Its small, has lots of different tones  and you can download artist delay settings too? thinking this may be my second pedal after the DD-20.
I've played one a good bit and I really liked it and the price was right. It's the equal of my Digitech Hardwire Delay if not better. If I was choosing today, I'd get the Flashback.

Curious how this thread keeping coming back, like an echo.


I use a couple of delays: MXR Carbon Copy and a Dano PB&J. Bung the CC in an effects loop with a lot of preamp overdrive and you get a wonderful warm 80s lead tone. Used between a clean guitar and the amp it sounds fat & lush. The PB&J does a nice digital delay, all clean and snappy, and has a second footswitch that halves the delay time for rockabilly slap-back sounds.


No tap tempo but lots of good tones from those 2.

Ha ha ha ha!


I took a Carbon Copy for a little while and really liked it, but I couldn't justify the incremental cost when I already had a Hardwire that did a decent emulation and the Carbon still ate batteries like chocolate.


I was / am looking for a delay that is as stingy on batteries as my Keeley Compressor.


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